Customers were seen in groups discussing the matter outside the company’s office on Okpanam Road, which was closed.

Ponzi scheme is a type of pyramid scheme.

Hundreds of enraged investors are said to have attacked an investment firm.

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Following allegations of unpaid Return on Investment (ROI) since December 2020, investors stormed DW-Arerben Global Investment Ltd, an investment management company, in Asaba on Thursday.

Customers were seen in groups discussing the matter outside the company’s office on Okpanam Road, which was closed.

The company’s employees were not present.

DW-Arerben Global Investment Ltd began operations in Asaba in 2017 and quickly became popular among the locals.

It was discovered that an investment firm specialising in foreign exchange (forex) had branched out into cryptocurrency and real estate.

The Nation has learned that clients have not received cash payouts since November 2020, and that clients who were due to receive interest on capital have not received it.

After failing to contact the company’s staff, a woman from Anambra State who requested anonymity described how she rushed from Lagos, where she had gone to procure goods.

“The mobile phone contacts of their staff with whom I used to communicate are either switched off or not picking up their calls,” she says. After all, my business depended on the money I invested in the company, so I couldn’t continue with my goods procurement in Lagos.”

She stated that she had invested N300,000 and expected to receive N156, 000 in interest.

“It was under the three months that I invested on September 17, 2020, and it was due to be paid on January 17, 2021,” he continued. The fact that, unlike other investors, I was unable to collect a single interest payment was the source of my greatest anguish.”

Another disgruntled investor, civil servant Uche Jibunor, claimed he borrowed N500,000 from four cooperative societies to the tune of N1 million.

“Today, my children were sent away from school for non-payment of school fees,” he said. My rent is due at the end of the month. However, I do not have a monthly salary to draw from because all of my earnings are used to repay cooperative loans, and the return on investment on which I had planned to rely is not forthcoming.”

However, in a quick text response, the company denied being evasive.

“As stated in the schedule we shared earlier, we are making progress on payments; please expect your smile to bring alert soon,” he said. Unfortunately, as a result of attacks by enraged investors, some of our branches were forced to close.

We ask for your assistance in assuring our employees’ personal safety and sanity, as this will increase their productivity and allow them to deliver as planned. We appreciate your trust in us.


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