Police Officer Injured as hoodlums attack FCTA official


Police Officer Injured as hoodlums attack FCTA official

On Thursday, tensions erupted when a group of miscreants attacked Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) officials, injuring one police officer.

While the injured police officer and several attackers were rushed to an undisclosed hospital, the officials were later released following a swift response by the FCT Police Command’s rescue team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police for Operations, Bernard Igwe.

Ikharo Attah, the FCT Minister’s Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection, and Enforcement, confirmed the incident while on another ministerial duty in flood-devastated areas of Lokogoma District.

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Attah stated that some members of the taskforce’s development control division travelled to Gaduwa Community to mark several structures for demolition.

He stated that several illegal houses that sprouted up randomly throughout the community were heavily resisted and attacked by several individuals wielding various dangerous weapons.

While Attah commended some indigenous youths for assisting in calming the situation and working toward the release of the hostages, he also noted that had the re-enforced rescue team not intervened quickly, the miscreants would have unleashed additional mayhem on the team.

“I was sent somewhere by the Minister, and before I arrived on the scene, the Police officer who was critically injured on the head and others had been rushed to the hospital,” Attah explained.

“The hostages were freed by a rescue team led by DC Bernard Igwe. The area occupied by indigenous people was not denoted. The police will decide what will happen to those arrested.”Police Officer Injured as hoodlums attack FCTA official

Kalu Amadi, one of the officials held hostage and the leader of the Development Control officials, said the experience was harrowing and that it may take him some time to recover from the psychological trauma.

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Amadi, who was allegedly stripped half naked, explained that his attackers were oblivious to the fact that he was on official duty and came dangerously close to murdering him.

An indigenous youth, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated that some indigenous people own a few houses in areas designated for illegal expansion within the community.

He noted that the area is largely populated by non-indigenous people, whom he pleaded should be allowed to coexist with the indigenous people.

Additionally, Attah stated that a man and a woman who sustained injuries during the conflict have been rushed to the hospital.



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