Please reconsider visa restriction, Atiku Abubakar cries out to Donald Trump

Atiku Abubakar

The United States administration revealed that visa constraints which mainly impacted those looking for irreversible remain in their nation on Friday. Apart from Nigeria, 5 other nations were likewise impacted by the visa policy.

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The United States had actually shown that it took the policy out of security issues.

But while revealing his unhappiness over the addition of Nigeria amongst the nations impacted by the visa restriction, Atiku, in a post on his Facebook page Saturday early morning advised the United States to reconsider its stand based upon the history of her relationship with the Nigerian people. According to him, Nigerians should not be made to suffer for the failures of the Buhari administration.

“While I understand the reasons given by the Trump administration (the failure of the Muhammadu Buhari led administration to share information and to address issues of terrorism), the ban does not take into account the pro-American sentiments of the Nigerian public and the solidarity previous Nigerian administrations have had with the United States, ” Atiku stated.

The former vice President likewise advised President Trump to think about the history of United States-Nigerian relationships in addition to continuous contributions of Nigeria to the advancement of United States.

Recalling a few of such relationships, Atiku stated, “Nigeria was among the couple of African countries that signed up with the US-led union throughout Operation Desert Storm in between 1990-1991 when the United States promoted the freedom of Kuwait.

“The Trump administration might likewise think about the essential function Nigeria, in collaboration with the United States, played in bringing peace to Liberia, an American sphere of impact, that now delights in democracy due to the fact that Nigerian blood and cash led the way for peace because country.

“Nigeria has likewise regularly enacted assistance of the United States and her allies at the United Nations and other multilateral world bodies.

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“This is even as we are maybe the most significant trading partner that the United States has in Africa, even where we had options.

“Nigerians like the United States and have actually been a significant force for the favorable advancement of that excellent country: 77% of all Black medical professionals in the United States are Nigerians. Nigerians are likewise the most informed immigrant neighborhood in America bar none.

“Surely, the United States stands to advantage if it enables open borders with a nation like Nigeria that is able to offer experienced, diligent and devoted workers in a two-way traffic.

“The present Nigerian administration might have its shortages and deep faults, however the Nigeria people ought not to be penalized for their ineffectiveness.

“Once again, I call on President Trump to consider adopting measures that individually target those in government who have failed in their duties, rather than target the entire Nigerian population.”

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