Plantashun Boiz Reunite : 2face, Blackface Perform at Sound Sultan’s Memorial

Plantashun Boiz Reunite


2face, Blackface  ‘Plantashun Boiz Reunite perform at Sound Sultan’s memorial.

At Sound Sultan’s memorial, 2face and Blackface rejoin as ‘Plantashun Boiz.’

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Innocent ‘2Face’ Idibia, a Nigerian music legend, has put his long-running feud with Blackface to rest.

Before their breakup, 2face, Blackface, and Faze were members of the music group “Plantashun Boiz.”

Blackface accused 2baba of stealing his song after the two parted up, stating that he wrote African Queen.

He also accused 2face of being gay, stating that the singer engaged in same-sex relations as a condition of his success.

However, it appears that their long-running feud came to an end on Sunday night when they played one of their hit songs in memory of Sound Sultan.

Sound Sultan was reported dead on Sunday, July 11th, following a long battle with cancer.

On Sunday night, some singers paid tribute to the legend by performing at an event called “A Night of Tribute” in honour of the “Jagbajantis crooner.”

What you should know? 

Plantashun Boiz Reunite performance together in Honour of Sound Sultan

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