Plane crash today: FAAN Breaks Silence, Here is What You Need to Know

FAAN Increases security at airports

A plane crash today is currently treading. As FAAN Breaks Silence, Here is What You Need to Know.

There have been claims circulating on various social media platforms that an aircraft crashed landed on Wednesday evening.

However, it was discovered that online viewers had simply watched an aircraft being towed to a distant location and had incorrectly assumed it was a crash.

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The reports have been rejected by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

The authorities issued a statement asking the public to dismiss reports on social media concerning an alleged crash at Ikeja airport.

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What is FAAN saying about Plane crash today  

“The owner sold the airplane to a buyer who was transporting it to its final destination,” FAAN noted.

Ibrahim Farinloye, the zonal coordinator, South-West, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), responded quickly to the viral story, saying that it is important to dispel the rumours about a plane crash landing in Ikeja with obscuring footage in a packed traffic scene.

Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
plane crash today – photo of alleged Plane

According to Farinloye, no jet has gone missing so far after appropriate consultations with all important parties and tracking of all arriving and departing flights in Lagos.

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The aircraft wings were taken off for simple towing, according to an official at the airport who also affirmed that there was no disaster.

Social media users are currently sharing videos of the incident.




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