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Peter Obi, Labour Party Presidential Candidate

Peter Obi News Today –You can Read Peter Obi News and Latest Updates on Peter Obi . This page will provide you with the most current news update about Peter Obi who is the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP).

‘Presidency isn’t turn by turn’ — Peter Obi slams Tinubu

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), have stated that Nigerians will vote for a leader in whom they have faith even though no one is due to take office as president because it is not their turn.

It would appear that Obi is making a dig at Bola Tinubu, who is the standard bearer for the All Progressives Congress (APC), about a statement that Tinubu made a few months ago.

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In June, Tinubu gave a speech in which he discussed how important a role he had in the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari and the reasons why he should be Buhari’s successor.

During the tense portion of his speech, he made use of terms such as “Emi lo Kan,” which translates to “It is my turn” or “I am the next.”

On Monday in Abuja, at a retreat organised by Labour Party, Obi stated that the elections in 2023 should be based on “competence.”

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“We will do this retreat now, and we will do another one after the election,” the leader said. “The elections that will take place the following year will not be based on ethnicity,” the candidate for president stated.

“It has happened to us before; the motivation would not be religious.” There is no location where Christians may purchase items at a lower price, and there is also no location where Muslims can get items at a lower price.

“There will be no rotation, as it is no one’s turn at this point…

It is not possible that there is a connection. The election that will take place the following year must be founded not just on character and trust, but also on competence.

If elected president, the candidate for the Labour Party has pledged to cut instances of corruption by seventy percent if he is given the opportunity.

“I came to this retreat with the intention of listening. Let us put it in writing; if we are successful, it is imperative that you are present to attest to the fact that this is what we have agreed upon. “We have to have made sacrifices, even if we do not reach our goal of one hundred percent,” he remarked.

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, had an interview with YouTuber Adeola Fayehun where he talked about the issue of the ASUU strike and some other things.


When asked about the importance of great education and what he thought about the strike, Peter Obi replied, “When I was governor, there was an ASUU strike which lasted for a while, but the difference is that I was talking to the ASUU people, meeting every day in places until the strike was resolved. That made it possible that today, Anambra State University is one of the schools not on strike.

Peter Obi Issues Fresh Challenge To Other Presidential Candidates Ahead Of Elections

The Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi has challenged other party candidates who disagree with his data about Nigeria to present their own arguments.

While welcoming Valentine Ozigbo and the party’s national leadership, Peter Obi issued the challenge.

Business magnate Ozigbo ran for governor of Anambra in 2021 on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket.

Other candidates for president, according to the former governor of Anambra State, attacked his theories without presenting a refutation.

He asserts that information and data are essential to governance and political campaigns.

According to him, “Nigeria exported a total of N18.9 trillion in 2021,” which is a significant difference from what the nation exports today.

When people criticize my statistics, I challenge them to present both their own as well as the statistics of the opposition.


Video of Peter Obi attempting to Kneel While Greeting Atiku Abubakar at NBA Conference Emerges

At the NBA conference in Lagos, Peter Obi tried to kneel while attempting to welcome Atiku Abubakar.

In contrast, Atiku stood up and gave Obi a bear hug, displaying their continued respect for one another.

At the conference, a Nigerian caught the interaction between the two leading candidates on camera.

On August 22, when Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, entered the room where the 62nd annual meeting of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) was taking place, he attempted to kneel to salute Atiku Abubkar.

The former governor of Anambra tried to bow down before the former vice president to greet him, but Atiku stopped him, stood up, and hugged him instead.

Obi and Atiku have maintained their respect for one another even though they are now the presidential candidates for their respective parties.

JUST IN: Peter Obi meets APC Pastor, addresses Church members, See Details

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, recently visited Latter Rain Ministries where he met Tunde Bakare, the general overseer of the ministry and a former candidate for the APC presidency.

Bakare welcomed Obi with open arms and gave him permission to address the congregation.

Speaking to the crowd, Obi requested prayers for the country and said he wouldn’t bring up politics in church.

He briefly introduced himself before talking about his life’s achievements.

This happened shortly after the former governor of Anambra State made headlines for being praised at the just-completed Nigerian Bar Association Conference.

Peter Obi news is what we are writing about today. What is the latest news about Peter Obi ? Here, you will get to see all the news compilations about Peter Obi, who is currently a trending phenomenon in Nigeria.





Peter Obi has clinched the Labour Party presidential ticket and is set to contest the 2023 general elections. His running mate, who will become the vice president if he wins, is yet to be announced.


The man, Peter Obi, has once been the Governor of Anambra State during the GEJ Era and is now contesting for the Presidency seat for the second time under the umbrella of the Labour Party (LP).


Here, we will always update Peter Obi’s latest news from time to time, and we will also generally provide information on Labour Party news updates, particularly Peter Obi  new .

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Peter Obi News Today Latest

In Peter Obi News Today, we have all the latest information that he has paid a visit to Nyesom Wike, who is the current governor of Rivers State and also a former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

We can confirm from news reports that Peter Obi has selected Yusuf Datti as his running mate ahead of the 2023 Presidential elections. We will make sure to keep you up to date on this part of Peter Obi news as it comes out.

You can bookmark this page and check back as soon as we publish more updates on Peter Obi . We have several things to write about Peter Obi, and we will update them here on this page very soon. So we encourage everyone of you who would like to get the latest news about Peter Obi to check back on this page shortly.

As you already know, Peter Obi will begin to go on campaign in various states very soon ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, and during that period, we will provide you with updates on his latest visits.

Peter Obi Latest News

What is the latest news about Peter Obi ? Okay, the Labour Party has given him the Presidential Ticket, which means he will contest against the opposition parties in the upcoming 2023 elections. The chances of him winning the election will depend on several factors. Peter Obi is a well-known Nigerian politician with a good agenda, and things may work in his favour.


Ejes Gist Newspaper has got you covered with all the latest Peter Obi news that you are most likely to read today.




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