38,000 doctors declare support for Obi’s presidential ambition, promise 25m votes

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Peter Obi, Labour Party Presidential Candidate

Approximately 38,000 medical doctors and other health workers have thrown their support behind the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, promising to mobilize 25 million votes for the former Anambra state governor through free nationwide medical outreach programmes at the grassroots level under the auspices of Docs and Medics for Peter Obi.

This comes as a result of the fact that the All Progressives Grand Alliance’s National Woman Leader, Ada Orji Nwanyanwu, dumped the party and led other female politicians across the country to the Labour Party.

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The convener of Docs and Medics for Peter Obi, Dr Uche Uzoukwu, detailed how the group expects to deliver the 25 million votes in 2023 during the presentation of working tools by three support groups to the Labour Party’s campaign council on Monday at the party’s headquarters in Abuja.

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“Nurses, doctors, and pharmacists are banding together under the name docs and medics for Peter Obi,” he said. Politics is a numbers game, and everyone counts.

As a result, 11,000 doctors and 27,000 medics have banded together to create state groupings.

“We’ve reached out to local governments and have moved down to the wards, where leaders have been installed.”

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We are travelling down to the polling units, where we have 500,000 individuals to encourage them to contact 50 people as they attend to patients. We can get 25 million votes with this.

“We aim to deliver 25 million votes by granting the right to life and the right to be well.” Medical outreach has been implemented and is still in use.

“Community people are encouraged to vote Peter Obi at the outreaches with the assurance that the exercise will continue until the Labour Party wins,” he stated.

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Lamenting the status of the nation’s health sector, Uzoukwu stated that Obi has the ability to combat brain drain, emphasizing that physicians and medics would remain in the country after the 2023 elections to develop the sector.

He noted that during the PVC registration session, the organisation paid for logistics for people without voter cards to be registered by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) personnel, noting that this was done in 26 states and 52 different sites where thousands were registered.

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Earlier, the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Barrister Julius Abure, stated that the country has not tasted democracy since 1999, but that it will begin on that path in 2023 when the former Anambra governor is elected president.

He claimed that the ruling All Peoples Congress and Peoples Democratic Party were never owned by the people, but rather by those who supported them, and that he who blows the piper determines the tone of the music.

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Abure also mocked those who said the party lacks structure, claiming that such narratives had been buried due to the party’s growing popularity.

The ceremony also coincided with the defection of Ada Orji Nwanyanwu, the National Woman Leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, and other female politicians to the LP.

Nwanyanwu stated that she was leaving APGA because “Peter Obi has the answer to Nigeria’s difficulties.”



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