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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Home News in Nigeria Now Pero Adeniyi Reveals her relationship status with Tuface 

Pero Adeniyi Reveals her relationship status with Tuface 

Pero Adeniyi Reveals her relationship status with Tuface 

opens up about her tumultuous relationship with Tuface.


, one of Tuface’s baby mamas, has spoken out about having an affair with the popular Nigerian singer.

Pero was recently accused of being the cause of Annie and her husband Tuface’s recent marital problems.

Annie chastised the singer for allegedly staying at Pero’s house in the United States.

She also vowed to end their marriage, claiming that she is fed up with the Idibias’ mistreatment of her.

Pero Adeniyi, on the other hand, clarified in an Instagram statement on Saturday that she is not in an intimate relationship with Tuface and that she currently has a boyfriend.

She also accused Annie of dragging her into her marital crisis on purpose to gain public sympathy.

“Very soon, the truth will be out in the open for all to see,” she claims.

“Even the madman who started it all knows the truth, but he needs the lie to stay relevant.”

“My truth is unique to me; those who know me are aware of it, and that is all that matters.”

“The online insults are nothing new to me; they haven’t killed anyone before,” the statement read in part. “People can drag me around as much as they want, but it won’t affect me.”

Pero Adeniyi ‘s statement reads;

You are asking me to speak, if I told you my truth would you believe? Would you not poke holes in it?

My truth is special to me, those that know me know the truth, that is all that matters. I will continue to guard it. Even the liar that started this madness knows the truth but needs the lie for relevance. Very soon, the truth will be out for all to see clearly, without a doubt, noone is invincible, so please continue to enjoy the lies, that is what you all thirst for anyway. Insults and dragging are yet to kill a person, no be today una don dey comment una rubbish, continue to drag like small gen, when hand pain una, una go stop. #unbothered

Pero Adeniyi

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Pero Adeniyi is Tuface’s Baby Mama



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