*Choosing instead of , we accepted even 35% leadership stake. But, some shouted NO! NEVER! NO!! NEVER!! NO!!! NEVER!!! WAR! WAR!! WAR!!!*

*That conqueror mindset of HATE and avoidable WAR has taken the life of Jeremiah Oghoveta in Ughelli South. That WAR has set brothers and best friends against one another. That WAR has just led to a 100%-0% equation which some of us never wanted even if we were gifted because it reveals conscienceless greed within a family. That WAR is about to send some to prison without any doubt. That WAR?*

*It is better to summon the courage to let wisdom prevail in good time. Maybe people think we are joking when we say APC will take PDP out of Delta State next year. If we mean it, then it must naturally follow that we will NEVER be defeated within APC itself. NEVER. We choose our fights carefully. Though ordinarily needless to fight in-house, this is a necessary one called by our very own who are WARMONGERS. We did not call this rain.*

*In all, PEACE is a better option. So let it be with us as one APC family.*

*I remain humbly, EFE DUKU – your brother and friend in the final push to rescue our State from our own Prodigals on the other side called PDP.*

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