Ovat Ayabom

Chief has withdrawn from the race, throwing his total support behind Alh. ’s presidential bid, and donated 10,000,000 to the support group for mobilisation of voters.

Chief Ovat Ayabom made this known during a press conference in Yenago, Bayelsa State.

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According to Ovat Ayabom, Nigerians will not forgive the PDP if it succumbs to the pressures of a few selfish and grumpy leaders, fueling regional agitations and sentiments rather than promoting the PDP and projecting her to winning ways by presenting Nigerians with an acceptable and reliable candidate.

It has been stated that each conflict situation contains certain predictable elements and dynamics that are amenable to regulations and change, as well as opportunity and willfulness.

Conflicts must have two key variables present to erupt and escalate, and the same factors must be present for them to be resolved. Nigeria has been sold into conflict by self-styled and greedy leaders who play power politics with Nigerians’ fates.

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Recycling leadership in the hands of innocent politicians results in sidestepping objectives and sandbagging hardships with corruption, ignoring early warning signals of conflict.

It is now or never to fix Nigeria. The One Nigeria Project Must Be Encouraged By All To Keep Nigeria United and Prosperous.

The petty situation in Nigeria in which we find ourselves is critical and better is not enough to manage it. Nigeria needs the best at the helm of affairs to pilot the economic future of our great nation.

I will never be part of promoting primordial sentiments to mobilise gullible masses against Nigeria’s democracy. I will continue to support one Nigerian project and her development as a good citizen and a good party member.

I withdraw my presidential bid to help the PDP win all of her elections, from Ward to National.

To win the election and become the Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023, I will work with PDP presidential candidate Alh. Atiku Abubakar, who is also running.

I am the PDP’s better presidential aspirant with all the credentials to fix Nigeria. But Nigeria is not looking for the better at this critical time.

Nigeria is looking for the best to unite Nigeria’s diversity, place the country on the track of development, and share prosperity for all. The best for Nigeria in 2023 is Alh. Atiku Abubakar, GCON Waziri Adamiwa. If the skills and mentality are available, age has nothing to do with leadership.


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Atiku Abubakar is not just a PDP Presidential aspirant, he has the code of unity, development, and shared prosperity for all to accelerate social justice for Nigerians.

“I use this medium to plead with PDP Governors and Party Leadership to shift their sword of conspiracy theories and throw their support behind Atiku Abubakar to win the party and Nigeria’s election.”

“No Reasonable Family Head Shares What He/She Doesn’t Have. Before discussing rotational policy for the 2023 General Election, the PDP should concentrate on winning elections. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and long live the People’s Democratic Party.”

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