GISTNAIJ.Com learnt that the Senior Advocate of Nigeria,  Festus Keyamo say PDP is not an option to Change APC

He said “I am one of those who mounted a strong opposition against the misrule of the immediate past old order political system in Nigeria. I am one of those social activists, who fought to oust the PDP and its bad ruling system. I am one of those who fought for the change of the political and governing statuscuo in Nigeria. And two years down the line, we can’t start calling for change again, because their is not yet a better alternative. I say it with all sense of responsibility that there is not yet another political order we can say we want to push for to take over from this present one again. So, calling for change around this time simply means we are saying PDP should come back. Calling for change right now means we are talking of going back to where we came from. Calling for the change of this new governing order means we are saying we should return to the culture of misrule of the past. What some people are saying is that it pays us to go back to that unacceptable place of the past, where executive recklessness; impunity; leadership visionlessness, indiscipline and irresponsibility; merciless looting of the resources of the people of Nigeria et cetra were the order of the day. So, the only option available right now, in the absence of the third order political system, we can consider for power, to continue to engage this present one for better delivery of government services and improvements. We gave PDP the chance and enough time to improve, but the party messed everything up. We must give this APC government too time to prove it’s worth. We must give them time to improve, while we continue to mount pressure on those who are in charge to run Nigeria well.
How I wish there is a third power bloc order we can start thinking about to take over from this one. A strong political and ready order in a young vibrant and energetic young Nigerian. But, believe you me, there is none yet at the moment, so we just have to keep making do with this one. It is a lot better than where we were coming from as a nation. It is better than that crude and sorry state of our immediate past. On this note, I shall continue to give this government that comparative support. That is, this one is still a lot better, compared to the last one…” – Barrister Festus Keyamo (SAN)


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