Patience Jonathan’s cousin arrested for attempted murder of ex-lover


Patience Jonathan?s cousin arrested for attempted murder of ex-lover lindaikejisblog

 stated to  former very first girl Patience Jonathan, has actually been arrested by the over the attempted murder of his ex-lover, 

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The suspect who is supposedly the supervisor of the former very first girl’s hotel ‘Aridolf Hotels and Spar’, supposedly tore down the girl with his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), harmed her leg beyond treatment and left her for dead.

Recounting how the occurrence happened, Atia whose leg will supposedly be cut off stated Oba assaulted her after she aborted their relationship.

Patience Jonathan?s cousin arrested for attempted murder of ex-lover lindaikejisblog 1

She told The Nation;

“On the day of the occurrence, we had an argument and he called me and asked me to come outdoors of our gate to get the rest of my things in his automobile. He stated he was driving to our location at Ox-Bow Lake to come and provide me my things given that I was no longer thinking about the relationship.

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“He ultimately appeared. He boiled down from his automobile, reached for the traveler seat, unlocked, highlighted 2 bags and handed them over to me. I opened the bag and I found out my things weren’t total, and I told him some of my things were not there which I would come and get the rest of my things.

“At this point, he began yelling stating he would not wish to see me near his house. But I insisted I would pertain to take other things he did not give me.

“At this point, he was currently in his automobile. He began drizzling abuses on me, calling me unprintable names. I couldn’t take it. So, I reacted. The next thing, he drove his automobile into me with speed. He struck me versus our gate, held me there and did not reverse his automobile in spite of the truth that I was yelling in discomforts.

“He later on reversed and I was up to the ground and he zoomed off. My neighbours, who saw what took place shouted for assistance and pertained to my rescue.

“This relationship lasted for 4 months. But I chose to give up when I found that he was a violent individual. He had actually struck me as soon as, that was when whatever began to take a nosedive.

“I can’t stroll for now, most likely I will never ever stroll with this leg. They would have amputated this leg previously today. But they referred me to an expert healthcare facility in Port Harcourt. They wish to see whether something might still be done and it should be done really quick prior to it gets to my knees.

“I’m devastated, but I’m fine, i will rise above it. I feel bad, I didn’t think someone could go this extreme”.

Patience Jonathan?s cousin arrested for attempted murder of ex-lover lindaikejisblog 2

Also talking about the occurrence, the victim’s sibling Preye stated they are still surprised that the former very first girl’s cousin might perform such violent act.

She stated;

“We are still surprised. We cannot think this is taking place at the exact same time I’m worn out. I have actually not slept, am still tired.

“I remained in your home when I heard a bang on eviction. I felt it was simply somebody who typically strikes eviction or something, then I heard voices, and I understood my sibling headed out and I saw her on the flooring, blood on her leg, I simply went to her, I was yelling, I simply selected her up and thankfully she was mindful.

“She told me Victor was accountable for what took place to her. The witnesses around there stated he struck her and zoomed off. They had a misconception; he insulted her then she reacted, then he struck her, that was what eyewitnesses stated.

“I don’t have a lot self-confidence in the Police due to the fact that of who the man is. They called us and attempted to settle, however we cant accept such settlement due to the fact that today my sibling is at the brink of having her leg cut off.

“We  want justice. This was an attempted murder, we want justice, we want things legally done the right way”.

Patience Jonathan?s cousin arrested for attempted murder of ex-lover lindaikejisblog

Police Spokesperson, Asinim Buswat who verified the occurrence stated the suspect was arrested for attempted murder and would be moved to the Criminal Investigations Department of the .



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