Pastor Who Cursed A Man To ‘Suffer For 600 Years’ Receives House Gift (Photo)

Pastor who cursed man gets a house

Pastor who cursed man gets a house

A Nigerian pastor, Godwin Bassey Inwang who went viral after laying curses on a man who called him a beggar has received a house gift.

The pastor’s anger and unique prayer that the person who called him a beggar should ”suffer for 600 years” caused hilarious reactions and memes on social media.

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”God go punish your papa, I swear I go commot your teeth now. You go suffer for 600 years till you go prison, you go thief, them go catch you”, the pastor yelled.

Followng the incident, Nigerians began to trace the identity of the pastor, with some people stretching out their helping hand to him.

Instagram skit maker, Dikeh who disclosed the good news on his Instagram page wrote;

“God is the greatest, Big Thanks To @prolifick5 for getting Prophet_600_years a house, I can’t even believe, but I just want to thank God and everyone who has partook in making this mans life better, May God bless you all”

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