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Stephen Kalu, a 29-year-old preacher, was sentenced to life in prison by Justice Peter Kekemeke of the Federal Capital Territory High Court for raping a 17-year-old girl.


Kalu, a Pastor of the Adoration Ministry in Karshi, Abuja, was charged with two charges of rape.

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He was accused with violating Section 31 (1) of the Child’s Right Act and penalised under Section 31 (2) of the same Act for having sexual intercourse with the girl in his apartment without her consent.


On Thursday, July 15, Justice Kekemeke handed down his decision in the case, saying that the offender acknowledged to sleeping with the girl multiple times, resulting in a pregnancy and the birth of a girl child. The court ruled that, notwithstanding Kalu’s promise to marry the victim, an infraction had been committed, and the law had to be followed.


“Our society, especially this division of the court, has seen several cases of rape. It is a pathetic situation; the system must be expunged of rapists; our children need protection from our courts.

The law is already there; the same defendant committed a similar offence of rape, while on bail during the period of this case. He is a danger to our children; the defendant is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment.”the judge ruled

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