Abuja-Kaduna train services

Passengers Shun Lagos-Ibadan Trains

Following the recent bombing of the Abuja-Kaduna passenger train by suspected terrorists, passengers have begun to shun the Lagos-Ibadan trains. This is despite the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) blaming inadequate marketing of its rail services for the drop in passenger numbers.

A public servant who works in Lagos but commutes to Ibadan by rail every weekend stated to EjesGist Newspaper on Thursday that the Abuja-Kaduna passenger train bombing has forced him to travel to Ibadan by road.

“This weekend, I won’t be going to Ibadan by train,” said the civil servant, who identified himself as Mr Anifowoshe Aliu. Because of recent train service disruptions, my wife and children have been imploring me to come by car.

Traveling by train is no longer safe in this country if terrorists can plant bombs on rail tracks without the train driver knowing before running over the bomb.”

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“Even the government is powerless because the Minister of Transportation stated that the technology required to detect bombs on rail tracks before trains run over them has yet to be procured.”

“I’ve informed a friend with whom I normally travel by train that I won’t be meeting him at the train station due to the country’s growing insecurity, and he has confirmed that he, too, will be travelling by road to Ibadan.”

“I can’t imagine being on a train that’s been bombed and terrorists shooting at us while the train is derailed.”

Some NRC employees confirmed that patronage has decreased in recent years.

However, our correspondent was unable to obtain information on the decline in train usage in reference to figures.

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Engineer Jerry Oche, the NRC’s Deputy Director, Mechanical, when approached, blamed the drop on other factors rather than the train bombing.

“The drop in patronage on the Lagos-Ibadan train has been on for a while,” Engineer Oche says. I don’t believe it had anything to do with the bombing of the Abuja-Kaduna passenger train.

“We’ve been seeing a drop in the number of passengers using the Lagos-Ibadan trains for a while now, and I believe it’s due to a lack of awareness of the services we provide.”

“I believe we are not doing enough publicity, which is why the number of passengers using the Lagos-Ibadan train services has decreased.”

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He declined to provide numbers for the dip in patronage when asked by EjesGist Newspaper.

It will be noted that suspected terrorists attacked a passenger train departing Abuja for Kaduna late on Monday, killing many people and injuring many more, with the number of missing passengers still unknown.


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