1. APC’s NWC FORMALLY appointed Alhaji Sanni Dododo as Chairman, Ward & LG Congress Committee for Delta State.

2. Dododo was duly and FORMALLY issued a LETTER of appointment as Chairman.

3. It was Alhaji Dododo who discovered that some of the result sheets meant for the Ward Congresses were missing or stolen, reported to the Delta State Commissioner of Police.

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4. The Delta State Commissioner of Police has since confirmed in a FORMAL Police Investigation Report that the Committee’s Secretary stole the Congress result sheets, absconded to Port Harcourt and tried to manipulate the results of the Wards Congress but failed woefully.

5. It was Alhaji Dododo who rejected bribes and foiled the Secretary’s confirmed attempt to rig the congresses for those who, having no grassroots electoral support whatsoever to win any type of election, tried in vain to steal the congresses.

6. In his undisputed capacity and authority as Chairman of the Committee, on Monday May 7, 2018, Alhaji Dododo announced the Ward Congress results as duly declared at each Ward as at Sunday May 6, 2018.

7. Four (4) days after the results have been declared at the Wards and three (3) days after the same results have been duly announced by Dododo, Oyegun purportedly appointed a new Chairman (one Chinda) for the Committee while retaining the tainted and indicted secretary (with another member) who were/are wanted by the police for stealing the result sheets and trying to manipulate the Ward Congress.

8. In hastily appointing another so-called Chairman, Oyegun forgot or did not issue a FORMAL letter terminating the appointment of Dododo. In other words, Dododo remained the chairman. At best, there were two chairmen!

9. Being the Chairman, Dododo returned to Delta State and completed his assignment by conducting the LG Congresses. Having not been FORMALLY removed, he remained in charge of all the Congress materials FORMALLY issued by the National Headquarters of APC. These are the same materials he used to conduct the LG Congresses.

10. It is not known where and how the so-called new Chairman got materials to conduct a parallel congress. Also, in total violation of the Guidelines for the Congress, the new Chairman never reported to the State Working Committee (SWC) of the party. Maybe, he believed Delta APC headquarters is in Evwreni and congress materials were manufactured for him there too!

11. Yesterday, Alhaji Dododo returned to the APC National Office to FORMALLY submit the results of the Ward Congresses (just as he did previously with the Ward Congress results). The results were endorsed as duly received. End of story.

12. Alhaji Dododo has demonstrated immense honour. A very great Nigerian. Incorruptible, some of us will recommend him to President Muhammadu Buhari for a National Honour.

13. In all of these, Pa. Oyegun has shown unbelievably petty, dirty and outrightly unlawful interference unbefitting of his status as a previously loved elder statesman. Must it be this obviously dirty? And where will it lead the desperate? A clear case of road to no where!

14. Because by every measure, theirs is a confirmed road to nowhere and one paved with easily provable allegations of serious crimes, we are confident of our own sail. Our foundation is sure. We won all 270 Ward and 25 LG Congresses. Nothing will change this reality. Time will tell.

I am *Efe Duk



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