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Our Leaders Have No Blood In Their Hearts 

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been chastised by the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, for failing to declare bandits terrorists.

During his homily at the funeral of Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Bello, Kukah expressed regret over the country’s constant killings and chastised the administration for failing to demonstrate empathy.

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“Those in power are allowing the death of innocent citizens because they have no blood in their veins,” Kukah stated.

“Nowhere in the world can citizens be slaughtered without the expressing empathy and concern.

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“The ongoing savage massacre and murder of our people in their youth suggests that our lovely Presidential Villa, National Assembly, and buildings are not proof of civilization.

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“How did Nigeria end up in such a dreadful situation? We know who they are, what they think, and where they get their ideas. The kidnappers have never been branded a terrorist organisation by the government.

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“Those who are killing our people, why they are doing so, and where their inspiration originates from are all clear. We hear and live with high-level complicity stories all the time. We can only rely on God’s dependable Word as Christians,” Kukah stated.

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# Our Leaders Have No Blood In Their Hearts


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