OSU 2023 Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Why All Men Of Good Conscience Must Support OSU 2023 Agitation

The quest for which constituency within Delta Central occupy Dennis Osadebe house come 2023 is raging and it is my conviction that good will always prevail over Evil , it is also my conviction that Equity will always prevail over injustice.

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The issue before Us is simple , it is incontrovertible that the Governoship seat come 2023 is coming to Delta central and since there are three constituency in Delta Central we must allow those that have not tasted the seat before to occupy the position and the only constituency that hasn’t been given such exceptional privilege is the OSU federal constituency. Dazzol

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In the light of this we want to call on our brothers and sisters from Delta central and other senatorial districts within Delta State to stand for what is Just , Right and Equitable

I urge other senatorial districts to add thier voice if they also want to justify thier own right to it within thier senatorial district in future. Remember those who goes to equity must go with clean hands

The truth is that I am often asked why I speak up for the good people of Sapele , Okpe and Uwvie more than anywhere else.

I do so because historically OSU federal Constituency have suffered more persecution, humiliation, neglect , underdevelopment , Political subjugation and outright marginalisation than others. within the Delta central senatorial district

Meanwhile there are two rising group of stars that are gallantly championing the course of the people of OSU federal constituency today who have earned my respect and admiration.

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The first is the ever resilient men and women of OSU Governorship Movement (OGM) and the Second are all men of goodwill across Delta state who believe that it is the turn of OSU federal constituency to produce the Governor if common sense and equity must prevail

Both are deeply courageous and totally committed to the cause of the OSU people and both will play a great role in the new Delta of our dream.

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I want to say Thank you my dearest friends and brothers God bless and keep you and yours.

You are irrepressible and unstoppable and your courage is extraordinary, exempelary and remarkable!

You are the joy, pride and strength of the sons and daughters of OSU federal Constituency and you make us Proud , keep the fighting spirit on a high frequency.

The good news though is that there is a God in heaven who neither sleeps nor slumber, who forges the destiny of nations and who rules in the affairs of men.He is Jehovah Elshaddai , Jehoval Elohim and Jehobah Over do .He will never put us to shame.


God bless Delta State

My name is
Comrade Ese Sanco
Gods Pen of Intervention


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