Opposition Party Leaders should Provide Alternative Governance


More often than not I smoke the pen, wracking my brain vigorously on thought provoking issues, believing fervently the pen is mightier than the sword.
This time in my candid opinion, I strongly feel opposition party leaders should pick up the responsibility of providing alternative governance. That way they could earn the trust and loyalty of the electorates way before elections. Now, let’s reason together, how about if opposition party leaders organise themselves and fix chairs for public schools, where students sit on bare floor or perhaps mend leaking roofs???
When will opposition party leaders think of sinking boreholes in market squares, on the streets, or even in schools in the rural areas with their name and logo boldly and perfectly embedded even when not in power???
When will opposition party leaders think of mending potholes, building temporary bridges for people in the riverine areas, or even a medical dispensary in villages where there are no adequate or accessible health care centres????
When will they ever think of alleviating the sufferings and yearning of the average person, since they claim the ruling party is not effective or inefficient???? These are many questions wrangling my mind and passionately appealing for answers.


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I’m beginning to think that even the opposition party needs a score card. The point I’m making here is that, if you have budgeted twenty five billion naira for your governorship campaign, why not atleast spend five hundred million to ameliorate the suffering of the average person or to provide alternative governance way before the elections, and have your name embellished or registered in their hearts, rather than fold your arms after loosing out, only to resurface at a subsequent election period.

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The best we have had from opposition party in recent times, is to become an attack dog, witch hunting the ruling party and perhaps finding fault with a microscope, which have never in any way benefitted the average person.
Now, the big question; What is the score card of APC as an opposition in Delta State or PDP as an opposition in Nigeria.

I think differently…


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