Operation Amotekun: Yoruba Youths, Gives AGF 24 Hours Ultimatum to Rescind on its “outrage Declaration


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Rising from her emergency situation NEC conference held on 15th January,2020 in Ikeja, Lagos, the peak Yoruba young people team: Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide(YCYW) with one voice states complete assistances for the newly inauguted take on development by the Southwestern Governors on area Policing network as well as method in the direction of combating as well as strongly taking on the widespread threat of terrorism, cultism, area intrusion, rape, terrible murders, kidnappings as well as other wanton act of crime carried out by some dreadful armed outlaws lately performed following mid 2019 throughout the Yoruba Land, having earlier increased some remarkable issues on the facility of the Western Nigeria Security Network via the workplace of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) Commission on 9th January, 2020.

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According to the statement attributed to Aare Barr Oladotun Hassan, President of the Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide he stated – ‘having actually been persuaded past sensible uncertainties regarding the authentic intents of the DAWN Commission led by DG Mr. Seye Oyeleye along with the Southwestern States Governors led by Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu on the facility of the Western Nigeria Security Network(WNSN) code word “Operation Amotekun”, we thus dream to alert the whole public that we prepare to sustain the effective execution of the program in the whole spaces as well as crannies of Yoruba Land: Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo, Lagos as well as Kogi, Kwara, Edo as well as Delta, we thus back the area policing structure, while we look for other stakeholders such as all the Southwest Obas, Captains of markets, Elders, Senators as well as Reps Caucuses of the 9th Assembly as well as other Non-Yoruba teams sustain for this expanding effort which is a youngster of need now in time of our nationwide lives.

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However, we are aghast with the spontaneous as well as unwell recommended declaration of “Operation Amotekun” as unlawful by Mr. Abubakar Malami SAN, the Attorney General as well as Minister of Justice of Nigeria on 14th January, 2020, inevitably this was lately ruled by both the Northern as well as Southeastern Governors as extremely advised, worthy as well as admirable effort.

We discovered it most ridiculous, unrefined as well as provoking to be challenged with the press release by the representative of the Office of the AGF to have actually proclaimed the Southwest Governor’s activities unlawful, indicating the AG does not recognize the Democratic values as well as letters of the Constitution on the Powers of Mr President as the Commander in Chief Executive that has the unique rightful powers on Defence to develop such effort neither on power of the police.

It is uneasy that the AGF is being made use of to hatch this treacherous task versus will of the great people of Yoruba Land, in which Mr Malami was anticipated to compliment as well as more raising sustains by producing allowing regulations that will certainly advertise our local indigenous policing on details gathering as well as knowledge sharing with the country’s security firms such as this, which has actually been existing for ages also prior to we acquired freedom.

We thus provide the Attorney General to Rescind as well as Reverse his earlier declaration in the following 24 hours, as well as we will hold him exclusively accountable as co-accomplice if any type of other murders is performed by the armed outlaws in Yoruba Land suddenly.

We have such security keeping track of campaigns existing in Kano as Hisbah as well as Lagos as Lagos State Neighborhood Security Corps as well as other states of the federation, extra so we had the Civilian JTF in the North Eastern Nigeria presently sustaining the Nigerian Army, as well as in the current time in Lagos under CP Edgal Imohinmi in which the OPC led a joint operation with the men of the Nigerian Police to remove the unplanned awesomes team called “Baddo” in Ikorodu location of Lagos State as well as other succeses thus far videotaped by typical security outfits such as Vigilantes, Hunters, Olode, Agbekoya, OPC as well as others.

We as a result highly appeal as well as advise that Operation Amotekun along with other local as well as state federal government’s local vigilante teams be sustained with allowing regulations as well as monetarily urged by President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government, in order to job together very closely on behalf of our Nation’s developed security organizations as well as styles with area policing tactical structure, durable harmony as well as security devices with in your area identified socio-security teams as well as people under what we called “National Joint Regional Security Network”(NJRN), as contrasted to what we presently have in the Northeast area under the Civilian JTF/native Hunters strengthened with arms to battling on the side of the Nigerian Army versus the dreadful armed outlaws terrorist team (*24*) others are Hisbah teams in Kano State as well as the local enforcement security network in the Northern as well as Eastern Zones to state a couple of.

In the very same blood vessel, we praise the nerve as well as vitality that came before the launch of the Western Nigeria Security Network code word “Operation Amotekun” by the Governors of the Southwestern State, this is a noticeable usage of thier regular monthly allowance specifically “Security Vote”, as well as we wish the vision took shape the significance of producing harmony in between our typical recognized security teams such as OPC, Agbekoya, Hunters as well as Vigilantes as well as other joint initiatives of interested people as well as companies with the federal government’s developed security organizations viz-a-viz: Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Armed Forces as well as Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps(NSCDC), with the accredited approval of the National Security Adviser(NSA), in partnership with a well-known personal Security working as a consultant outfits which is anticipated to act as a beginning governing factor for management, employments as well as identification/database analysis policy strategy as well as other tactical formula frameworks; all these were dutifully evaluated in our earlier plan paper such as: The Establishment of A Central Security Control Centre as well as Digital Monitoring Rooms in all local areas, communities as well as freeways in Yoruba Land via the Palaces of Baales as well as Royal Obas as well as essential stakeholders people as well as leading yoruba teams throughout the size as well as breadth of the South Western Geo Political Zone as well as other adjacent regions.

We telephone call on the AG to reverse himself inevitable to lawsuits or erratic protestations as well as fights, and also as component of instant actions to make certain smooth as well as appropriate moneying the operation Amotekun, we appeal for the constant assistances from our recommended Southwest Security Trust Funds, which will certainly supply renumeration as well as appropriate arrangements for training, acquisition of sophisticated technology security gizmos as well as devices, monitoring drones, unique CUG phone lines, offiical automobiles as well as patrol vans, bikes as well as bikes for volunteers as well as seasoned commanders from Ward/Local Government Area to the State degrees to be headed by a skilled retired security workers in partnership with the federal government.

Operation Amotekun is Legal as well as has the networking abilities as well as capacities of mentally as well as literally strengthened existing teams with single purpose to protected, apprehension lawbreakers as well as hand them over to the police for forward prosecution, offering knowledge as well as monitoring solutions as well as details on unsafe black places as well as criminal hideouts in Yoruba Land, most significantly to apprehension as well as recover any type of security violation by any type of terrorist or armed outlaws teams under whatsoever semblance such as cultistism as well as other lawbreakers to state a couple of.

This are important parts of what the outfit is anticipated to be moved with, for this reason their is an immediate demand for a joint testimonial with all crucial stakeholders cum think-tank that will certainly supply durable as well as constant renovation on its plan of attack, most significantly to ideally accomplish the wanted lead to the total passions of all Nigerians domiciled in the Southwestern area of Nigeria.



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