The insidious effects of unbridled blood in our politics especially Delta state has been the roots of our un-development in this century, despite the huge gush of fund accruable to the state, that has left political participation insipid on the populace whose faith has been dashed to the wind since the collective few dominants and subverts the general will of developmental advancements.

The gungy look which politics in Delta state has masked into has succeeded in pushing away erudite and articulated minded persons who are febriled to serve humanity. We believe in the principle of serving humanity because life is best lived, if lived for the service to humanity. That Delta state has been bastardized, raped and abused is no but the joy of the political fecundity which the All Progressive Congress brought saw the mass exodus from all works of life into the party, is a huge victory that broke the veil and set Deltans for divine settlement 2019.

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However, with the political exorcism and awakeness in Delta state, divine settlement 2019 is only viable when the likes of Otega in APC Delta state are retired to the back seat for others with broad minds and vision to pilot the party because him Otega clearly demonstration of been an apostle in the temple of villeintology. Man has out-grown the medieval age and would reject thunderously any attempt to return man back. We reject vehemently the act of Otega taking us back to the medieval age in APC because loyalty is not cowardish

We believe whole heartily that the lugubrious expression over corruption is lumpish when leaders who ought to be at the front burner of the Buharist Change Agenda, acts lungeishly for their personal aggrandizement. That Engr. Samuel Adjogbe, Executive Director Project NNDC is brother and inlaw to Otega Emerhor is not satisfactory to him Otega, but rather his further engagement of subverting others for the emergence of his sister Omasan Duro-Emanuel as member National Tourism Board and his co-inlaw John Onojeharho as Chairman, Nigeria Institute of Transport Technology is an aberrant behavior that is tantamount on the virtuosity of the party especially when Otega and family are not the only entities within the party existentiality.

What will posterity remember us all for in Delta state? Is it that once upon a time there was APC Delta state and Otega Emerhor held it as his farm?

We strongly condemn such villainous act and call on the President and the party National Leadership to as a matter of urgency visit the peculiar call for APC leadership restructuring in Delta state before it gets immensely chaotic because we doubt in totality the confidence on Otega leadership of the party since any leader who which to take us back to the medieval age due to his quest for personal aggrandizement and individualist aura is an enemy.

The sacrosanctality of a political leaders loyalty question can never be jettisoned due to the complex nature of politics in dynamism and gap bridging. The interest Otega promotes is never at any time the partial or general will of the people within the party in Delta state because consultation was never made due to the complete disconnect with the grassroots, forms the reason while Otega believes that he can bamboozle and impose is co-inlaw John Ejovwoke Onojeharho and his sister Omasan Duro-Emanuel on the appointment slot for good people of Delta state without an iota of eek due to his political radius incrustation within the party full of maximum sycophancy.

The continuous manner of Otega threading harrumphishly in his style of leading Delta APC is gunghoize which has put the party in a path of un-seriousness about 2019 due to near evanescentism of articulate and erudite minds from the party. How do you reward or encourage maximum inputs by members — is it by when dividends are one-cornered only for yourself, friends and family? Or when appointment slots are solely for you, co-Inlaws, brothers and sisters?

This hauteurize style of leadership in the party must stop, that we are mute about Otega’s modus operandi within the NDDC does not make us fools.

Firstly, where has President Buhari gone wrong in been magnanimous in giving us such sensitive appointment in NDDC? An office that does not reflect within the party, thou we are not surprise because his brother holds brief while Otega operate defacto.

Secondly, how does your conscience works Otega? That you wangled Barr. Fred Latimore appointment for your co-inlaw John Onojeharho is absurd to humanity. Whether or not Barr. Fred does not deserve the appointment as you claim; are there no other people except your co-inlaw? How can the party grow when after laboring members are relegated to the background till another election?

Thirdly, is this the reason why Otega delve into politics? To use people to gather momentum and dump them, which we call the dog-race while your brothers and sisters, co-inlaws, inlaw and yourself solely enjoys the collective fruits labored. Thou we are not surprise but the level at which Otega is mean about the peoples welfare is hilarious — not even a cup of rice during the yuletide.

Fourthly, how can Otega vitiate the fact that he still exist as the most senior chief PDP mole within Delta APC with core agenda of sabotage. That you are against the party is no news because actions speak louder than voice. However take judicial notice of the biblical verse Mathew 6 vs 21 (GNB) For your heart will always be where your riches are. That your interest is richly and solidly vested with the Delta state government as a business man could be the sole reason of your mole-ship and continuous sabotage within the party. We believe beyond all reasonable doubt that Otega going doolally about politics, continuous sabotage and mole-ship within the APC is not far from his stake in OML 56.

OML 56 is operated by Midwestern Oil & Gas/Suntrust Oil Ltd. The company is owned by the Delta state government and some Nigerian entrepreneurs which Otega Emerhor is one of those entrepreneur. The company was incorporated in 1999 but commenced its operation in 2001 with upstream field activities from 2005 on onshore Umusadege field, which cannot be jettisoned because interests is the root of all evil — enough of Otega’s mangle madness because the game is up for jenesaisquoi personality.

Fifthly, what could be the rationale behind Otega’s one-corner dance within the APC? That Otega is a strong and un-repented apostle of family-friendcentrism could be the rationale for his unrelenting one-corner dancing on the party gubernatorial for 2019. We would not be surprise if he Otega brings his wife, brother, sister, inlaw or co-inlaw as deputy to any gubernatorial aspirant within the party.

We humbly attention Mr. President and the National Leadership of the APC that this cumulonimbus posture in Delta state APC leadership must break and dismantled, if APC is serious about Delta 2019 because now that Otega has gone doolally about politics, shows clearly that his kind are never interested in the success of the party.

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However, with the continuous blitz and bilabial of Otega in Delta state APC due to the bereft of ideas, vested interest with the Delta state government-PDP, and sworn frustration of hope for the common man due to his non-interest in the partys success and continuous voyage of sabotage. We besiege all in the spirit of liberality to join in the Mass Mobilization March against injustice, impunity and inequality for Delta state APC pro bono publico.


Change begins with us and Change is when Otega stop using our collective interests for his personal and family will.


Director Strategy and Mobilization
Grassroot Mobilizers for Buhari
Delta State Chapter



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