Open Letter To Evance Iwurie

Evance Iwurie
Hon Evance Iwurie


I bear you no malice or ill-will, but in view of what is happening in your life, I am constrained to write the following, believing it will get to you one way or the other.

It is quite unfortunate that at a time when the people of and indeed Nigerians are appreciating the enduring legacy and good leadership qualities of His Excellency, Sen. and Rt. Hon. , whose unique personalities are charming, decent, and exceptional.

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One disgruntled politician who has lost out in the state’s power play due to his greed and proclivity to betray his benefactors can sink so low as to cast doubt on the characters and integrities of Deltans’ most priceless gifts.

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In your skewed imagination, you think you can bring them to your level hence you went berserk with your smear campaign laced with falsehood, mischief, and malicious allegations.

It is shameful how such a corrupt politician can be so desperate to the extent that he is hell bent on blackmailing a profoundly good and highly courageous men who has done well for themselves and the state just to score a cheap political point.

We will either break your evil yoke of servitude, slavery, and bondage, or we will die trying. Honor and decency demand no less.

You spoke like “a true sociopath” who has no empathy for the feelings of great men , no compassion, no decency, no decorum, no integrity, and no class.

The truth is that reading your worthless vituperation shows that you are a sick man , depraved, deranged, and degraded in every sense and way, and you are clearly suffering from a biblical term known as ‘Demastic anointing.” (serial betrayer)

That is who you are. You have sacrificed your soul to the devil, turned your back on the path of light, and you have at one time or the other insulted and betrayed every known leader in Delta State. You have sold your heritage for a pot of porridge, like Esau.

Your obsession for power and the things of this world is legendary, and you have therefore opted to tread the dark path.

You were one of the most unpopular candidates in who got just 4 votes in your own ward, but out of love, His Excellency supported you and made sure you emerged as a member representing Ethiope State constituency in the . What kind of love could be more than that?

It is also on record that during your campaign, you campaigned against him and instructed your supporters to vote for Chief for Governor and for you to represent Ethiope constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, yet you expect the man to hug you for a job well done. does that?

When you joined the PDP, you were welcomed with joy and open arms. The party made you not just a leader, but gave you a platform and ensured you emerged as a member of the Delta State House of Assembly.

You enjoyed immense goodwill at the party until you sold your soul to the devil. I am convinced that you have been placed under a luciferean spell. I am equally convinced you are now a victim of some form of demonic, satanic ritual and witchcraft.

You insulted men who showed you the way to the light and provided you with a platform of limitless possibilities and opportunities because you were paid a pittance to do so.

Hear this: Whether you like it or not, both men will emerge as Governor of Delta State and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You can also be certain that nothing good will ever come from your new party because it is made up of heartless and merciless gangsters, fraudsters, rogues, and blood thirsty demons.It is a gathering of shameless and relentless criminals and power-seekers that trade in the blood of the innocent .

You talked about the death of your wife. I would have said one or two things about that, but for the sake of civility and respect for the dead, let me maintain my silence. If not, I would have exposed you for who you are.

You will recall that some years ago, while you were still a member of the House, I warned you in this media space that your high-handedness, greed, insensitivity, and pride would bring you down politically, but instead of taking my wise counsel, you sent your media rats to come for my head.

“How market Now?”

My prayer for you is that God should deliver you and cause you to retrace your steps and come to your senses. It is never too late to return to the light and I believe that one day you will.

I also implore you to leave the camp of the Egyptians and Philistines before it is too late and before they use, dump, and destroy whatever is left of you.

Finally, I want to encourage you to seek the face of God and return to him and to the ranks of the God-fearing and the faithful, and ultimately be the man that your creator has destined you to be.

My name is
Sanco Ese.
I am Gods pen of intervention


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