Open Letter to Dr. Ibe Kachikwu on Delta APC crisis




Let me first of all congratulate you for the rare privilege given to you by the Presidency to find a lasting solution to the crises bedeviling the Delta State APC.

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This shows that the Presidency and indeed the National leadership of our great party are interested in seeing that peace and unity return to Delta APC as that is the only way we can record good successes in the 2019 general elections.
You have already called the first meeting which was boycotted by the Ogboru/Omo-Agege group as we gatherer from the news.
Before you call the second meeting sir, permit me to inform you that the first meeting you convened was not properly done.

We have serious crises on ground that culminated in physical combat at the National convention, you did not look at the issues that led to it and you did not border to know what the grievances are. You just placed a call through to leaders in the two groups to come to your house for a reconciliation meeting. Respected leaders like Chief Great Ogboru and Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who have followers that were wounded will not attend a reconciliation meeting with people that descended heavily on them at a convention of that magnitude with a phone call! Someone like me won’t even take such meeting serious.
Sir, if you must succeed in this all important assignment given to you, you will need to first of all meet with the warring factions separately, have a far reaching discussions with them to know what the grievances of each faction are and how it all started. Then you will appeal to them to sheath their swords and preach to them the need for peace and unity as the panacea for election success in 2019. Get feedback from them by way of stern promises that they will or have accepted to give peace a chance. It is only then you can call a meeting where the two groups will be in attendance. At this time, there will be nothing much to be discussed as all grey areas and issues would have been taken care of while meeting with them separately. They will just come there and embrace themselves, eat and drink together and that will automatically flow down to all the followers across the different tendencies and the much talked about reconciliation will succeed.
The idea of bringing them together without first meeting with them separately will be a fruitless efforts. The fightings at the National convention has made one group to be more aggrieved than the other and nobody will expect them to just sweep that under the carpet.

Thank you.
Com Frank Izekor,
LGA officer,
APC, Ika South chapter.



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