Open Grazing Not Banned In South-East, Our Governors Just Deceiving Us – Ndigbo Cries Out

Apart from Abia, other state governors are yet to even send an executive bill to their Houses of Assembly let alone enact the law.


Southeast governors have been accused of misleading  residents about the region’s ban on open grazing.Open Grazing Not Banned In South-East, Our Governors Just Deceiving Us - Ndigbo Cries Out

Apart from Abia, other state governors have yet to transmit an executive bill to their Houses of Assembly, let alone enact the law, according to Vanguard.

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This, it was learned, is why cows continue to walk the streets of the South-East at whim, even near Government Houses, and boldly invade schools, offices, and other public buildings.

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Because the laws aren’t in place, there’s nothing to do; that’s the reality in the zone. As a result, the herders and their cattle will continue to have a field day in the farms and on people’s private property, causing misery in their wake.

Citizens in the South-East are furious with the governors, accusing them of leaving their people in their hour of need and succumbing to the Federal Government’s bullying.

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The Alaigbo Development Foundation, ADF, reacted vehemently to this, claiming that the five South-East states have not established laws prohibiting open grazing and have no intention of doing so. “Rather, what we are seeing from the leadership of the South-East Governors’ Forum is lip-service, deception, and sycophancy,” the foundation claims.

“The governors have not been speaking sincerely,” says Hon. Abia Onyike, spokesman for the Igbo elite council. They’ve been conversing separately. Governor David Umahi, the chairman of their Forum, has been speaking, but from both sides of his mouth. They are playing with our people’s life. Governor Umahi, on behalf of his colleagues, has been lying to the public about the existence of anti-open grazing regulations in the South-East, which is sad and regrettable. He knows the truth, yet they are never serious about Ndigbo’s security.

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ADF claimed that Umahi “has a manner of manipulating his colleagues, and they are also wary of being blackmailed.” The situation is so severe that they are afraid of being labelled as IPOB sympathisers by Ask Rock if they insist on doing the right thing.

“Governor Umahi’s leadership of the Governors’ Forum at this crucial juncture has turned into a tragedy for Ndigbo. For example, the Governors’ Forum’s Ebubeagu regional security outfit was nothing more than a smokescreen set up to further the governors’ private political agenda; it has nothing to do with the zone’s security.

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“In Ebonyi State, a haphazard attempt was made to erect an ill-equipped and unskilled staff that has been travelling through the markets pretending to enforce law and order, despite the Fulani herdsmen killing people in the state without resistance.

“Ebubeagu is barely visible in the other four states of Enugu, Abia, Imo, and Anambra. As a result, Governor Umahi and others do not believe in the regional security initiative, which is why his elder brother, who served as the governors’ security adviser, quit. In the South-East, the governors are playing games with security to buy time. In reality, they have become Ndigbo’s adversary, notably its chairman.”

Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, a major Igbo voice and former civilian governor of Anambra State, asked the governors of the South-East to ensure that the prohibition on open grazing is strictly enforced.

On the sidelines of the Anambra Elders Council meeting, Ezeife expressed sorrow that open grazing had caused significant problems in the South-East zone, resulting to a carnage.

With Chief Mbazulike Amechi, the first Republic Aviation Minister, by his side, Ezeife said that no real measures had been done to control the excesses of Fulani herders who engage in open grazing since the prohibition was proclaimed.

The governors, according to the Association of South-East Town Unions, have been feeding the people lies and fooling them.

“Contrary to popular belief, no state in the South-East has yet passed an anti-open grazing law. This is especially upsetting because our people have made it very clear that enacting the law will be the first and most effective step in halting the murderous operations of armed herdsmen in our country.

“What the Governors of the South-East have done is verbally prohibit open grazing. However, there has been no change after the verbal proscription was issued. The herdsmen’s attacks and the unrestrained movement of animals have continued unabated.

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“In this case, the lawmaking process should begin with governors bringing executive bills to their individual Houses of Assembly for consideration. Anyone claiming to have enacted anti-open grazing legislation in the Southeast should first answer the following basic questions regarding lawmaking: First and foremost, when was it enacted? Second, what is the penalty for violators?

“As a result, we demand that governors take swift action to protect our people’s lives and property by enacting and enforcing anti-open grazing laws,” ASETU said through its National President, Chief Emeka Diwe.


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