Jubilations As Senate Passes Sexual Harassment Bill To Punish Offenders

Air Vice Marshal Frank O. Ajobene (rtd), a former Military Administrator (MILAD) of Abia state and a political associate of Deputy President of the Senate, Ovie Omo-Agege, has dumped the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Delta state.

According to reports, Ajobene submitted his resignation from the party after the selection of Kashim Shattima, a former governor of Borno state, as Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s running mate.


Ajobene abruptly announced his departure from the party on Tuesday, calling Tinubu’s selection of a Muslim “smack of arrogance and a total disdain” for the Christian forks.

According to him, his decision to leave the party was motivated by his view that a Muslim-Muslim ticket was not best for the nation.

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The APC presidential candidate Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s choice to run on a Muslim-Muslim ticket, in his opinion, represents the highest level of insensitivity to the sensibilities of Nigerians of the Christian faith.

He reacted by saying, “It reeks of arrogance and a complete disdain of us, the Christian members of the APC.”

He claimed that the APC’s sole Muslim-Muslim ticket “portrays us as a people who are easily won over with money.”

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What position will I hold on his campaign train? as a serf? Man must have a cause to stand for, or he will fall for anything.

The National Caucus member of the APC, who confirmed this in a chat with our correspondent, claimed that the 2023 presidential election is a matter of “national interest and not personal interest,” claiming that Tinubu’s APC Muslim-Muslim ticket would further polarise the nation.


He said that it would not be possible for him to ride on the same campaign train as Tinubu when the latter comes to Delta state to run for office, saying that he cannot afford to abandon his morals and ideals for some ‘individual interest’.

It has become challenging to combine Tinubu with a good candidate from the North, he claims, because his selection as the APC’s presidential candidate was an error in judgement.


He asserted that the best decision the APC could have made was to select a South-Easterner as its presidential candidate and pair him with a Northerner since the Northern governors had conceded the presidency to the South. He claimed that Tinubu (South-West) may have been the last remaining option among the candidates.


Ajobene firmly stated that Atiku and Okowa are “ruled out and not in the cards” in his next political move when asked whether he will now join the PDP and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s vice presidential ticket.

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He claimed that Okowa betrayed the South’s effort to produce the nation’s president in 2023 when he accepted the vice presidential nomination of the PDP and that he can never be in the same camp as him.


He emphasised that the PDP erred in choosing Atiku as its presidential candidate at a time when a portion of the North had already conceded the presidency to the South. He also noted that had Okowa been the party’s presidential candidate, it might have been more difficult for him to decide whether to support him or not.

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The former military governor of Abia state responded when asked if he would support Peter Obi’s presidential ticket, affectionately known as “Obedient,” by saying that he would only obey God. However, he added that he would support and vote for the candidate in the 2023 general election who had the best agenda and platform for the country’s advancement.

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