Olorogun O’tega and His Pressure Group always set the Pace for Mass Destruction.


O’tegs has done it again when he cleverly declared that the decision to select our governor is in the hands of the and not the state/LGA executives.thank you sir for opening the way for the other pressure groups to follow.

I don’t know why I so much love our Olorogun O’tega who started the relegation of both the State and LGA Executives to second Eleven in the scheme of things politically in the Delta APC when he as at then because of the fear of the unknown politically did the impossible by forming the mainstream Delta APC and on that very day made the pronouncement that the shall produce the governorship candidate.
Hmmm.this made him the first political leader in the history of politics in Nigeria to condemn the existing party executives and replaced it with a . This happened on a Saturday.

On Monday,two days later,the Late Senator Okposo group then created and named their our as the consolidated dynamics APC (CDA),(alias No man is God). Immediately,the MDA issued a congratulatory message to the CDA.Make Una see game oooo.
Another group well know as UNITY GROUP headed by Hon.Chief Solomon Edoja.
Then as a conclusion of this pressure group formations,the LIGHT OF APC headed by the very reason why these dangerous trend called the people’s general(OLOROGUN GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU).

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The very moment the LIGHT Of APC was formed,the relegated State/LGA Executives were all brought back to first Eleven.Na wa for our party oooo.

For sometime now,we started watching to see the next Ozigabuyaya and finally on Sunday 11th February 2018, we saw and heard all what we were expecting when in the MDA Caucus meeting,the final Bullet was released and that is declaring to the whole world to that the decision to select and vote for the governorship candidate lies in the hands of the Pressure groups and as such he now uses the EDP of the NDDC to influence and attract people to the MDA forgetting that we want to compete with an incumbent governor and a PDP structure which has been in existence for more than 16years.
My fellow Deltans in APC so it is the money from the NDDC EDP that will will the governorship Election for the APC in Delta State?.

Well,since the negative setter has don it again,the rest pressure group has now other option that to say”Hu la la la, Let’s go dancing Hu la la la…………………………

Based on the above,it is now clear to the whole world that the template set by Olorogun O’tega and his MDA confusionist is that all the rest pressure groups must search for and choose their own governorship candidate and that every group with come together to put the table their choose and the candidate whose number of groups is more will be the chosen candidate of the Party.Can’t you see that this man is a political Guru?.

So I therefore,demand that the rest pressure groups which includes the LIGHT Of APC,CONSOLIDATED DYNAMICS APC AND UNITY GROUP Should immediately meet and constitute a committee to produce their own governorship candidate within the same two weeks until the de day when all the groups shall present their candidates to the open.
This is the game of the MDA experts.I hope they will not change again oooo.



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I remain

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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