Okowa Ready for a showdown with Ibori


TOO MUCH NOISE ABOUT IBORI…….Okowa. By Perewei Briggs. The Delta Stgate Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is more like a house on fire right now, as Okowa orders the State House of Assembly to further clip the wings of the erstwhile governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanefe Ibori. According to a source close to the Corridors of power at the Govt House, Governor Okowa was not comfortable being controlled by someone who he believes is not more intelligent, more qualified or having more pedigree than himself. According to the insider who pleaded anonymity, Governor Okowa said, “why should someone of my status, a qualified medical doctor, one time Council Chairman, a former Commissiober of Health, one time Secretary to the Delta State Govt, (SSG), an immediate past Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And now the present governor of the big heart, Delta State, now allow myself to be controlled by someone who has only held just one political position in all his life. A position I presently occupy” The source said Okowa said irrespective of the fact that Ibori was his boss, he should know now that he Okowa is the new Sheriff in town. He said Okowa made it clear that he is now in charge and deserves to have his own structure. “After all he’s just a common criminal that should completely go off the political scene” Okowa said. According to the inside source, they just joked over it, but to him he felt bad, hearing Gov. Okowa make such humiliating and derogatory remark about someone who supposedly made him what he his today. When asked why the dissolution of the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC), after a new secretary to the commission was announced few months ago by the governor, he said it came to him as a shock that the State House of Assembly had to dissolved the commission when we are already preparing for the council elections. But that later he discovered it was the governor who was behind it. Though according to the inside source, this is not too good for the state, but it’s politics, anything goes, “I see reasons with the governor on this, he has no choice than to tactically dissolve the commission to get rid of Mr. Ogbe who’s from Oghara and an Ibori loyalist, even me I will do same” he said. Invariable from his statement, Mr. Ogbe was the target. He said, the governor is scared Ibori might use the Council Elections to plant his men everywhere through the APC, that he has been studying Chief Ibori’s body language. And he is ready for a showdown with him, should he (Ibori) make any funny move to oust him from the governorship seat.

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