is yet to be convinced that votes would count in 2019, maybe he never knew that who in reality is now a political moving corpse has been caged by the almighty powers of god and he and all his disciples are only acting like empty vessels.-what a shame for us to have a political blind,deaf and dumb man as a governor.

The response of the people’s general to a statement credited to OKOWA that” I go defeat Ogboru and rub am for political potopoto” at their flag off in Ethiope east, was an outburst of laughter!!!! . The people’s general laughed at Okowa, a serial election rigger, who could not win a senatorial election transparently, but secured a seat at the Senate chamber by the gun.

Okowa is yet to become conscious that rigging of elections, which is the only lesson he learnt since 1999 is not in vogue any more. Okowa needs to be reminded that Good luck Jonathan and the PDP have been chased away from Aso rock. Okowa should be reminded that PMB would not allow him to rig again. And every body knows that once rigging ends, Okowa ends.
Political leaders and aspirants whose businesses are outside delta would return to their business to work to recoup all they lost in elections, made dubious by the antics of the likes of Okowa. Unlike Okowa, though, a medical doctor who has no credible sources of income, no known business all his lives except treasury looting therefore has no reason to stay else where. All Okowa’s income since 1999 is from our treasury. So doesn’t go on transfer except to Dubai whenever he wants to hide his loot.

How can such a man who consistently dips his leprous fingers in the state treasury all the time he needs money without restraints, understand why people like Ogboru stay out of delta to toil for money for elections. Why should Okowa not mock? Ogboru cannot abandon his business where he sweats for every kobo he spends for elections, yet he is always in delta and constantly in touch with his supporters. But deltans understand, they know Ogboru as a good man who would never abandon his people. That is why they always prefer him, the only man that uses his personal money to fight governors who spend public money, yet he refused to give up the fight to free deltans from misgovernance and corruption. Ogboru has vowed to continue until the resources of the people is used to improve the people’s lives. How wicked for Okowa and his godfathers to be living in amplified affluence while the people, the owner of the resources are wallowing in amplified poverty? Very sad!

The good news is that in 2019 Ogboru would defeat Okowa, the same way he defeated uduaghan, but this time, I repeat, this time, our votes would count. Ogboru shall become governor because the ability to rig our elections has beeOkowa and Iborin taken away from Okowa. No more federal might for Okowa and PDP. Ogboru all the way! And delta state shall be great again!

I remain,
Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.

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