Gov Okowa Commissioner for Information, Mr. Charles Aniagwu, is currently on fire from both end.

The commissioner who couldn’t do his investigation before claiming that the purported video released by some unidentified military personals who were seen threatening to rape, molest and infect  mothers, sisters, and wives with HIV as a payback, declared that the Video was  fake and doctored

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But in a swift response, the  Nigerian Army  decided to expose Aniagwu for  Misleading Nigerians over the said video.

The  Nigerian  Army, in their tweet, confirmed that the video is real, and those responsible for the video had been arrested.

The Army Tweet; “Soldiers in a viral video using uncouth and uncivilized language purportedly threatening to molest women in Warri Delta State were arrested at 9 Brigade Ikeja Military Cantonment Lagos State today 3 April 2020 and further investigation is ongoing.”

Responding to the false claim by the Commissioner that the video fake.

Sapele Olofofo write;

I have observed over and over again what the future holds for Deltans with such incompetent and biased set of individuals steering wheels of leadership in our dear state.
Commissioner for Information, Mr. Charles Aniagwu, you have to apologize to Deltans at large for your unprofessional press release where which you misinformed Nigerians that the purported video released by some unidentified military personals who were seen threatening to rape, molest and infect our mothers, sisters, and wives with HIV as payback because youths in the area (Warri) had a heated confrontation with them after they killed an innocent Deltan because he flaunted the seat at home order by the state government.
Without applying any form of investigation and professionalism, you immediately rolled out a press release denying the video by suggesting it was fake and doctored. Everyone who went through your press release swallowed it hook line and sinker, with exception to few media handlers who ensured the video gets to the appropriate authorities, and as God would have it, a few hours later the FORCE HEADQUARTERS announced the arrest of the two military personals who masterminded the same video you told the world was fake.
Mr. Commissioner, you may not understand the extent of damage your press released may have caused, Deltans up until now after your press release would be viewed by the world as blackmailers and false alarmists, when next we raise matters of grave concern we would not be taken seriously.
We have raised the alarm on how herdsmen raped our mothers, we have raised the alarm on how our fathers and brothers were killed in their farmlands, we have increased the warning on how military officers join forces with this criminal minds to met out mayhem on our people, but yet we have not been taken severely all because our government and in short people like you who are supposed to be the mouthpiece of the people in times like this have been compromised to either remain mute or refute our alarm. It is a shame on how things have turned in our dear state. Only God knows how many sensitive issues have been swept under the carpet.
Mr. Commissioner apologizes to Deltans publicly for this gross and crass misconduct of yours if indeed you are honorable.

Press statement by ANIAGWU Charles

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