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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Home News in Nigeria Now Oduduwa Republic : Sunday Igboho Begins ‘Yoruba Nation’ Awareness Rally In Lagos

Oduduwa Republic : Sunday Igboho Begins ‘Yoruba Nation’ Awareness Rally In Lagos

Oduduwa Republic : Sunday Igboho Begins ‘Yoruba Nation’ Awareness Rally In Lagos

Followers of agitator and Sunday Adeyemo, also known as , have descended on Lagos’ Agege neighborhood to gather support and unity for the ’s establishment.

Remember that Igboho, the agitator for the , proclaimed that he and all who believe in his cause would always protect the Yoruba race against aggressors.

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According to Igboho, as instability extends to the southwest, there is no reason for a “one Nigeria,” and the only remedy is for the to stand on its own.

In a live broadcast shared by ’s spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki, supporters can be seen moving around to raise awareness about the needs of the Yoruba people.

Oduduwa Republic

Igboho’s aide was also seen informing onlookers about the value of the Yoruba nation and why it should secede due to perceived structural disparities.

“According to the 1914 amalgamation, we can all go our separate ways after 100 years, that 100 years has passed since 2014, why are we still together?” he said in the video.

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“Check the N100 note; it notes that the amalgamation will end in 2014; we have been struggling for over 7 years with no jobs; the government of this country does not favor us; they just favor themselves. Let’s get out of here, forgetting about the N2,000, N3,000, or N10,000 they send you.

“We don’t have the funds or rice to offer you, but we’re fighting for a better future for you.” This country does not favor you unless you are a politician. Let us join hands in favor of the Yoruba nation’s independence.

“We have a lot of natural resources that we can use to help us live comfortably. The Nigerian government has no excuse to keep us from leaving, but they are happy with their Master-Slave relationship. Nigeria will not let us go simply because of the advantages we provide; we have gold, oil, cement, and everything else.

“Yorubas are no longer favored by the Yoruba community. They won’t be able to kill us and our grave at the same time. The Yorubas are not happy in this land, neither are the Igbos or the Hausas; only the Fulanis are happy.”

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