Nothing Can Stop Oduduwa Republic, Pupular Nigerian Pastor Tells Agitators to Put God First

Pupular Pastor Says Nothing Can Stop Yoruba From Breaking Out Of Nigeria, Sends Message To Agitators

Nothing Can Stop , Pupular Nigerian Pastor Tells Agitators to Put God First

Adewale Giwa, senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, has urged the people of the Southwest to prepare for their liberation.

Nothing, the cleric said in an address to his members in Akure on Sunday, would be able to stop Yoruba from leaving Nigeria.

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He did, however, advise the ’s agitators to put God first in all things and to establish the Yoruba nation on solid ground.

Part of the reason nothing works in Nigeria, according to Giwa, is that the country was founded in a devious manner.

“Let me implore the agitators to be open and frank. Above everything, they should prioritize God in everything they do.

“As things stand, nothing can stifle the Yoruba ethic group’s independence. , on the other hand, should not be like Nigeria, which was established in a devious manner.

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“What will the righteous do if the pillars are destroyed? Nigeria was built on the basis of deception, and no one knows what the word Nigeria means.

“Yoruba leaders must have equal rights and a strong constitution for their people. They should be prepared to represent others rather than themselves.

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“Freedom is on its way, and nothing will be able to hinder it. To seize this chance, Yorubas must band together, he said.

# is Possible, Pupular Nigerian Pastor Tells Agitators to Put God First



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