Ochnaya’s Death: Court Acquits Lecturer, Convicts Wife

Court supreme court

: Court Acquits Lecturer, Convicts Wife

Andrew Ogbuja, a lecturer at the Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, was cleared of the rape and death of Ochanya Ogbanje, a 13-year-old teenager in 2018, by a Makurdi High Court in Benue State, after a four-year trial, Ejes Gist Newspaper Reports

On the same day, a Federal High Court in Makurdi slapped Felicia Ochiga-Ogbuja with a five-month sentence for carelessness in the rape of a deceased adolescent who was residing with them.

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Ogbuja and his runaway son Victor, both maternal relatives of the dead, were accused of rapping her repeatedly till she became unwell and died.

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Ochanya spent two months at the Federal Medical Centre in Makurdi before passing away on October 17, 2018.

Because the police search for Victor had not yielded any results, the Benue State government prosecuted Ogbuja, 54, before the Makurdi High Court on October 10, 2019, for rape and the death of Miss Ogbanje, among other charges.

Court Acquits Lecturer

The prosecution failed to prove its charges against Mr Ogbuja, according to judge Augustine Ityonyiman of the Benue State High Court in Makurdi.

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In Mrs. Ogbuja’s case, which happened to be the same as her husband’s, the judge, Mobolaji Olajunwo, found that the defendant failed in her responsibility to safeguard Miss Ogbanje from “sexual assault by her son, Victor.”

Court accuses Mrs. Ogbuja of Negligience in Ochnaya’s Death

Mrs Ogbuja was accused by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) with negligence in the rape and death of Ochanya.

Mrs. Ogbuja was charged by the agency of failing to safeguard the deceased teen from being “raped” by her husband and son, Victor.

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Judge Olajunwo found that “Ochanya was being mistreated by the defendant’s son,” but that the “defendant who owed” the deceased girl “the duty of care to ensure that she was protected from such act” refused to do so, even though Mrs Ogbuja’s daughter, Winifred, brought it to her attention.

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