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Hon Evelyn Oboro: The Tale of A Public Servant That Has Failed In Her Primary Responsibilities


There is no better way failure can be defined than what has been observed in the Ogbe layout, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta state, an area that is part of the constituency of Hon Evelyn Oboro where she currently represents at the Federal House of Representatives.

I am Jacob Ukusare, a long-suffering resident of Evelyn Oboro close within the Ogbe layout Community. I write to express the calamity brought upon us by the supposed honourable member of the federal representative whose representation ought to have been a blessing to her immediate locality but now a curse!

The revelations here are the true state of the unfavourable conditions suffered by the inhabitants of the Evelyn Oboro Close and I take full responsibility for all the facts as stated here as I challenge anyone with a contrary position to step up!

Is it not rather disgraceful, dishonourable and Ignominious to state that Hon. Evelyn Oboro Close has been in power outage running through a year, the same place where the supposed Honourable Member reside? How do we explain this treacherous act? If not for witchcraft how can an Honourable member abandon her people in such situation, coupled with the fact that she has been collecting millions of Naira from residents of the close with the aim of purchasing a new transformer which for years now is yet to be delivered to the street? The most annoying thing in the face of this ugly situation is the steady disturbance from the noise pollution emanating from the faulty and noisy generator running 24hours from the house of the so-called honourable member who disregarded the detriments suffered by her neighbours wallowing in avoidable darkness in the neighbourhood that is bearing her name. It is hard to really fathom why Hon Evelyn Oboro decided to leach such an immeasurable height of wickedness and retrogression against residents of Hon. Evelyn Oboro Close despite huge allocations she is getting from the federal government and contributions collected from residents.

This same Evelyn Oboro boasted of providing transformer to the people of Adeje of Okpe Local Government area but could not afford same gesture to her neighbourhood which staunchly explained how controversial she has been on questions regarding how she manage constituency allocations in relation with the salient issues confronting her constituency.

Without probing further, and with the prevailing situation, we can tell that Senator Ovie Omo age position of what transpired cannot be overemphasized. Evelyn Oboro has the penchant of claiming what does not belong to her.

It is expected that with her acclaimed clout at the lower chamber, procuring of the transformer to her immediate locality or within her constituency would have been effortless. But stooping low to collecting funds from her neighbours for the purpose of a transformer put a huge question mark on her capability and to whether she is fit to represent the good people of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie. This is a big shame!!!! Yes in indeed, she has "FAILED IN HER PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY"

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A further revelation that confirms her callousness is the current state of Ogbe layout. The road that leads to her close is an eyesore! The potholes at a different section of the road are increasing in high proportion each passing day and millions of naira have been collected by her for the purpose of fixing this road as she promised of influencing the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC to get the road in good condition. Remember that his same road has been commissioned by her many times as he constituency projects and still to no avail.
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One would wonder why she chooses to melt this wickedness on her people. Is it that she is secretly developing Esiefurun (Ughelli south) which she originally hails from? Yes, she has been a parachute/carpetbagger representative, this very matter has been shrouded in dodge secrecy within those who are aware of her true identity.

The evident questions begging for answers from Evelyn Oboro are: What qualifies her to represent the people of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie when she has failed to represent the interest of her Immediate community? What does she stand to gain in this obvious wickedness to humanity? What is her motive for declaring for the exotic seat of the Urhobo nation at the National Assembly when she has failed woefully inner incumbent pos? What is giving her the temerity that she can challenge the workaholic Senator Ovie Omo agege whom the Urhobo nation and even her constituent had vowed to return to the National Assembly to continue what has been an unprecedented representation?

She wants to contest the election and has failed in her primary responsibility.

Hon. Evelyn Oboro is hereby advised to quit her senatorial ambition but rather concentrate in the given dividend of democracy to her immediate constituency for the remaining few months left of her inglorious reign just to redeem her already battered image. The Urhobo nation will not second guess in choosing whom their senator is, which is evident to all in Delta Central Senatorial District. Distinguish Senator Ovie Omo agege will floor her even in her own LGA ( uwvie LGA )

I Jacob Ukusare hereby advice her to forthwith move without delay to restore the electricity of the long-suffering Evenly Oboro residents, if not, we shall increase the momentum of our grievance and take this protest to the next level.

CMR Jacob Ukusare.

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