Obaseki rejects Out of court settlement for Rapist

Alleged Certificate Forgery  Court Of Appeal Dismisses Obaseki’s Applicatio

Obaseki rejects

Mrs. Betsy Obaseki, the First Lady of Edo State and Chairman of the Edo State Gender Based Violence Management Committee (Edo-GBV), has stated that the state government will not accept an out-of-court settlement from anybody accused of rape or other gender-based violence offences.

Mrs. Obaseki, speaking in Benin, the state capital, announced that the administration will ensure that sexual predator enablers are prosecuted in order to eliminate gender-based violence in the state.

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“In a rape case, an out-of-court settlement is not an option.” Why would they prosecute sexual predators who make citizens’ lives insecure if they can prosecute armed robbers?

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“Raping is a crime against the individual, but it is also a crime against the state.” Whether the victims like it or not, the state will seek prosecution since it is the state’s responsibility to protect its citizens. Mrs. Obaseki stated that “there is no option for an out-of-court settlement.”

She claims the state government’s latest action is in response to a recent ruling in which a 57-year-old man was sentenced to 14 years in prison for raping a 7-year-old girl.

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She also cautioned other criminals to stop their crimes, saying that there is no place for them to hide because the law will treat everyone found guilty in the same way, regardless of their social status.

“We have made it a rule that anyone who comes to plead for an accused will be included in the case with the accused.” Because I am the chairman of the committee, if you come to me to beg, I would order the top security officer to arrest or seize you, no matter how high up you are,” she stated.

Wole Iyamu, the state’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, said the ministry is working on a number of gender-related matters.

“We’re not just going after the criminals; we’re also going after their enablers, those who come to plead with us,” Iyamu explained.

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