Obasanjo Reveals Ways Governors are Looting Local Government Funds


Former President, has accused Governors of routinely stealing the money meant for the Local Governments.

The ex-President said this has rendered the LGs incapable of performing even the basic functions for their people.

Making more revelation, Obasanjo said that the governors pilfer Local Governments’ funds through the nebulous “joint account.”

He said that this was why the governors have remained antagonistic to the agitation for Local Government (LG) autonomy.

Obasanjo stated this when members of a Non-Governmental Organisation, Friends of Democracy, FoD, visited him at his new residence within the Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta, the state capital.

The group were at the home of the ex-President to seek his support for the Local Government Autonomy Bill which had been passed by the National Assembly.

The bill still requires the approval of not less than 24 State Houses of Assembly to sail through successfully.

“When in 1976, we brought in Local Government Reforms, it was meant to be a third tier of the government and not meant to be subjected to the whims and caprices of any other government.

“Just the same way that the state government is autonomous from the Federal Government.

“Local Government is meant to be autonomous from the State Government, but from what we know, by design, most states have incapacitated the Local Governments.

“They have virtually stolen the Local Governments’ money in what they called Joint Account. They were to contribute 10 percent but they never contributed anything.

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“So, what we have across the country are Local Government Areas that have functions, but cannot perform the functions.

“They have staff but most of them cannot pay the staff, and we keep getting excuses upon excuses.”



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