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All beneficiaries that wish to be deployed to a different state should kindly send an email to [email protected]. While beneficiaries that wish to change their Place of Primary Assignment within their state of resident should kindly fill the deployment form on the portal, submit and await further instructions. For further inquiries please call 092203102, 018888148. Email: [email protected]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Massive Job Recruitment Exercise 2022 - 132 Positions

We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details:

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1. When will the non-graduate category of the scheme start posting?

Non-graduates on Npower should be aware that a report on their placement will be available soon.

There has been no posting as of yet. All that is required is a little bit of patience. Thanks.

2. How do I upgrade my academic credentials?

There are no official provisions in the scheme for upgrading academic qualifications/certificates.

This indicates that there is no option for changing the certificate. Applicants are assigned to positions based on the certificate they uploaded during registration.

SSCE applicants will be considered non-graduates, while HND and BSC recipients will be considered graduates.

3. Is it necessary to re-upload my PPA letter if my PPA remains the same?

Volunteers who uploaded their PPA letter before it was physically verified after it was signed do not need to re-upload.


Only those whose PPA changes after October 4th, 2021, need to worry about re-uploading.

4. Should my PPA letter be printed in colour or black and white?

When it comes to the colour format of the PPA letter, there are no preferences. Colored or black-and-white photos will be accepted.

5. When will the Beneficiary Payment for Batch C begin?

Volunteers who complete the physical verification process and follow the Deployment instructions will be paid on time. Read more Here 

6. I have yet to be posted, despite the fact that other graduate beneficiaries have been.

Those who completed the physical verification process as graduate beneficiaries but have not yet been assigned to a position should remain calm.


They will be posted, as the Npower Scheme’s management is already working on it.

7. My request for redeployment was denied, what should I do?.

Those whose requests for redeployment were denied should reapply through their Nasim portal dashboard.

Keep in mind that redeployment must take place within the L.G.A where the beneficiary lived/filed when registering.

Important Note: All volunteers will receive their stipends in a timely manner, regardless of whether or not they have been redeployed.

What about NPower Batch C Stream 2?

The shortlist will be out soon.



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