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Latest Npower News Today, Friday , November 26th , 2021 and top Gist on – Npower Batch C stream 2 & Nasims latest news on Npower October Payment 2021

This is the latest Npower News Today for Batch C Npower October Payment 2021  Friday , November 26th , 2021.


Good morning to you, Npower Batch C beneficiaries. I welcome you to the latest Npower News channel for November 26th , 2021.

Ejes Gist News Provide you the most accurate and recent news on Npower payment and stipend news for today, 2021, can be accessed here…

Issues faced by beneficiaries are now indicated — NASIMS

In the move to resolve all Npower Batch C payment issues, Nasims Management has issued a curial notice to all Npower beneficiaries.
The message reads in part, “
We know you are frustrated about not having received your September payment. We are working round the clock to make sure we resolve all pending issues.
According to the message, issues faced by each beneficiary will be indicated in their Nasims Dashboard.
This news was also confirmed by one of our users who is also having issues with his payment. Payment status: pending, Reason : bank name  not available.
Npower Management has commenced writing on the issues you are facing as indicated in the above statement.

Npower September Payment Issues Resolved

Remember that in yesterday’s Npower news, Nasims mentioned that once the resolution is changed, it will not reflect immediately; it will take a few days. We’re happy to report that all Npower payment Issues  that were fixed a few days ago have now appeared on your NASIMS profile page as (PENDING), which is the first payment procedure.

This update advises all affected beneficiaries to log into their Nasims profile page for confirmation. Be patient if yours hasn’t been handled and reflected yet; all payment concerns will be resolved and payment will be paid.


Nasim’s teams are working around the clock to resolve all of these issues, and we’re committed to keeping you informed.

Please take note of the following:

1) Account details are still being gathered and resolved.

2) The October stipend issue and the start of the Batch C Stream will be addressed individually in due time. So please stay tuned; Nasims will provide an update on the aforementioned subject matter when the time comes.


3) The payment issue is still being resolved. Please keep in mind that the PENDING status on your NASIMS profile page represents the first payment procedure before PROCESSING. Stay tuned as Nasims continues to update.

4) Wrong Bank Account Details Provided: If you are affected or fall within the above category of Beneficiaries, please contact Nasims customer service at 092203102 or 018888340 to file a complaint and supply them with the right bank account information.

  • Npower News Today Friday 26th   

Npower Payment News Today 2021: Some payment issues have been resolved.

I wish to inform you that Npower management is working on the payment issue, not data availability.
According to information available to us, the Npower administrator is currently working on the payment issues. This was also confirmed by our users, whose payroll previously showed failed transactions but is now showing pending transactions.
The good news is that those whose bank details are accurate will soon receive their salary.


As at the time of compiling this Npower News today, the date for Npower’s October payment is still unknown. But Ejes Gist News is hoping to get information from the management soon.

  • Npower News Today 2021 Batch c Payment

We are working to resolve Npower Batch C Payment Issues  – FG 

The good news now is that Npower Batch C No Payment Data Available Issues are being resolved, according to a statement issued by Npower management.


According to NASIMS, those having payment issues, transaction failures, or no available data should contact dedicated support.


NASIMS Speaks On Commencement Of October Npower Batch C Payment  

FG has said no date has been fixed for the payment of October Salary.

According to NASIMS, all September Salary Issues will be resolved before commencement of Npower October Payment 

  • The message reads; 

Dear Beneficiary, We can’t talk about payment of the October stipend without first having those major issues associated with payment of the September stipend addressed, as some beneficiaries are yet to be paid. Click Here To Continue Reading



If you are among those still having issues with your payment dashboard, your dashboard shows processing, transaction failed, and you have not received your payment. Take your time to read this post carefully.

“>ccording to a reliable source, Npower November Payment 2021 for Beneficiaries will be paid along with the October Salary.

Beneficiaries still having issues should login to their dashboard to update their payment details. If the issues are not resolved, They should contact Npower Management.

Npower Batch C Payment Failed: How to Fix No Payment Data Available Issue on NASIMS Dashboard

For those who have issues with their payment, hope is here for them. Npower has given instructions on how to resolved the issues. According to Nasims, the issues can be resolved using one of the two methods provided to solve Npower payment issues.  click Here continue reading Here

This Nigerian online news platform understands that Nasims announced this via its official Facebook page.

Npower News Today, November 19th, 2021 – Nasims Latest News UpdateThe statement titled: “N’Power Batch C stream 1: WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAYMENT DELAY

, reads as thus; “This is the first payment and trial stage, while we take responsibility for late payment of September stipend, be rest assured the subsequent payments will be a lot more easier and timely.


“Ensure your account is validated otherwise make use of the opportunity while it last
Thank you!

  • Npower News Today Friday 26th

“If your payment status is processing, kindly note that your stipend has been disbursed to your financial institutions, you’ll receive your payment in as much as your account is validated, be patient, thank you


Good news to all those who have received their September Salary… 

Npower News For October Batch C Stipend Payment 2021.

The good news now is that many Npower Batch C beneficiaries have received their September payment…   Npower October payment will soon be paid but no date has be set for the payment

So, if you are an Npower Batch C beneficiary who has not resumed work, you should resume now to avoid any issues with your payment in the Future.

Npower Batch C Monthly Clearance – All you should know 

Nasims will soon commence monthly clearance for Beneficiaries..

N-power Batch C stream 2.

At the time of this report, Npower Batch C stream 2 shortlisted candidates were not out… but a source said it would be out soon. You should  be patient if you are not shortlisted in Npower batch c stream 1.

FMHDS Gives Important Update On Increment Of Npower Beneficiaries To 5M 


The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has refuted that President Muhammadu Buhari instructed the humanitarian ministry to expand the number of Npower beneficiaries from 1 million to 5 million, as reported by the Punch daily.

  • Latest Npower News Today Friday 26th 2021

The report reads;  Npower To Pay Additional Five Million Beneficiaries, Says FG

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to increase beneficiaries of the NPower programme by five million


Latest Npower News Today Friday : How To Know Unvalidated Npower Beneficiaries Payment Account

This is a follow-up to the update provided by Npower yesterday regarding account validation not being completed as the reason why certain batch C beneficiaries have not yet received their payments, which can be found here. Amount Paid to Npower – How To Validate Your Account To Get Paid, we decided to create this post to make it clear on the question you have been asking about how to know the account that is not validated

Breaking: FG Finally Pays Npower Batch C Beneficiaries’ September Stipend (Proof )

The good news now is that Npower has finally paid Npower Batch C Beneficiaries their September Salary. Click Here to Continue reading

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Which state has received their npower batch c stipend october 2021.

All states are being paid by Npower Batch C management.
The delay in your payment depends on your bank. Those who used First Bank have confirmed or received their September payment.

How To Validate Your Npower Account To Get Paid

The Npower management has been actively working to ensure Batch C1 are all paid their stipends. This post will guide you on how to Validate Your Npower Account number To Get Paid.

The Npower program’s Batch C stream 1 participants are being asked to verify their accounts by the program’s management, according to a statement.


Latest Npower News Today Saturday 13th How to validate your account

Latest Npower News Today Friday 16th

So they should validate their account if it hasn’t been done yet.

Stipend payments cannot be credited to accounts that have not yet been confirmed.

Some of the beneficiaries’ accounts are not validated, according to Npower management’s findings, which means they will not be credited.

Affected individuals are urged to access their Nasim profile dashboard and take the necessary action as a result of this notice.

They should also prepare their account information because management will call them to verify their information.

Such beneficiary can as well call the designated lines provided by Npower team;

Beneficiaries are urged to check the self-service portal to see if their accounts have been validated or not.

Please visit the Nasims site at for further information.

  • Latest Npower News Today Friday 14 th

Npower To Pay September & October Stipends–Here is How to Validate Your Account to Get Paid.

The good news now is that Npower Management will pay Npower Batch C beneficiaries their September and October stipends.

The news that Npower Management will pay beneficiaries’ September and October salaries was validated by our correspondent. Click Here To Continue reading

Beneficiaries Begin To Receive Npower Batch C Payment  Proof.

Ejes Gist News had previously reported that the management of Npower, Nasims, had stated on their Facebook page that they had begun the payment of the Npower Batch C October Stipend. Nasims has since deleted their Facebook page.

We learn that N-Power, a cash-for-work initiative launched by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016 with 500,000 direct beneficiaries, has grown across the four areas targeted by the programme — agriculture, health, education, and taxation – with beneficiaries dispersed around the country.

While some beneficiaries are entitled to a N30,000 (about 73 US Dollars) monthly payment, others are entitled to a less amount.

Latest Npower News Today Wednesday 10th November 2021

BREAKING: FG Commences Npower Batch C Payment For October 2021

The good news now is that the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has commenced Payment for Npower Batch C beneficial. Click here to continue reading…..


FG Intensifies Efforts For Npower Batch C Payment

The Federal Government through the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has intensified efforts to ensure that the Stream 1 beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower Programme receive their October Stipend without further delay.

Npower Adds Payroll On Beneficiaries Dashboard (Photo)

Npower Management, using the NASIMS profile dashboard, has introduced the field ‘Payroll’ to Npower batch C 2021.

This online news portal has determined that this is a reference to the start of the Npower batch payment date…To learn more, continue reading….


Npower News: Nasims Gives Important Update On Pending And Pass Status

Npower NewsNasims has given an important update on pending and pass status.


The to Npower Management has provided a significant update regarding the status of beneficiaries Nasims’s verification process. According to them, if your Nasims status has not changed to pass or if it is still showing as pending, you should not report to PPA. Read on for more information… Click here to continue reading…..


BREAKING: IPOB Cancels One Week Sit-At-Home In Anambra

Nasims Npower wrote:

If your verification status has never changed to PASS for once after your physical verification process and it’s still pending till now, kindly note, your physical verification exercise was not successful and you are not expected to report at your PPA.


Npower Batch C Payment Date: Why Haven’t I Received Npower Batch C Stipend?


There are a variety of factors that can cause your Npower monthly stipends to be delayed. One of them is the incorrect BVN or bank account information.

It is possible that you will not be able to receive your N-power stipend payments if your bank account information is incorrect.

The failure to complete your physical verification or deployment process can also prevent you from getting your Npower monthly payment.


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Npower News Now:

The FG has said that the alleged N-Power ‘Batch D’ Application portal is fake and the public should disregard the news.


NPower Batch C Deployment For Non-Graduates Begin, Check Your Posting Here


Npower has begun training postings for the non-graduate tech-software beneficiaries of the programme following the deployment of the graduate component beneficiaries. Read More Here 


Npower Payment News: Latest Update On N-Power Stipends Payment Claim By FG


Npower Latest News Today  Friday


See How Much N-power Batch C Receive As Monthly Salary Payment

The Nigerian federal government has declared that the N-power batch C beneficiaries will be paid on the 26th of each month. This started a month ago (October 2021). Npower News Today  Friday 26th

Many people are curious how much the FG will pay N-power batch C beneficiaries after this news…. Read More…

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