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  • why is Npower Stipend not Paid for October , November and January ?
  • What is the Npower Latest News Today Thursday?
  • Npower October Payment News News today?
  • What is the Latest news on nasims today about october and November stipend?

FG Pause Payment Of October Npower Stipend – See Why

The news now is that the FG has paused payment of the October Npower Stipend to beneficiaries. According to NASIMS management, this is as a result of technical issues faced while trying to make a bulk payment to all Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries.

Dear Npower Batch C1 Graduate Beneficiaries,

payment of October’s pause!

In our quest to ensure beneficiaries are paid at once, we adopted a bulk payment approach, which was partially successful, resulting in some accounts getting credited and some not, due to network instability. As a result, October payments were paused to get the challenge sorted out. Payment for the said month to all concerned shall resume at the shortest possible time. Please bear with us.

For transparency purposes, we will keep updating you.

Thank you!

Nasims Pause Payment Of October Npower Stipend - See Why

Beneficiaries are now receiving their October stipend.

Beneficiaries with First Bank of Nigeria accounts have begun receiving their October stipend.

Npower News: FG To Shortlist Fresh 400,000 Youths Under NPower Batch C2 shortly

For Npower applicants with questions about batch C stream 2, according to the most recent report, 400,000 new applicants will be enrolled in batch C stream 2 this year 2022.. Read details here Latest

Npower Batch C Stream 2 Enlistment News

Breaking: FG Pays Npower October Stipend To Beneficiaries (Proof )

The latest Npower news on “Npower October Stipend News Today” is that beneficiaries are now receiving their salaries.

Beneficiaries who banked with First Bank of Nigeria have started receiving their October stipend. Read Full Details Here 

NASIMS approves Npower November and December payment

The latest Npower news now is that the November and December salaries have been approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This was contained in a statement issued by FG through NASIMS management, obtained by Ejes Gist News.

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According to NASIMS, payment of November and December salaries has been approved and is being processed by various banks.



Kindly note, October payment process was initiated and reflected on dashboards at once. As promised in our previous posts, payment of October stipend WAS DISBURSED AT ONCE to financial institutions to ensure the achievement of outstanding service and top-notch operation which getting all bank accounts credited at once WASN’T ATTAINABLE due to network instability experienced by some banks, hence the nonsimultaneous payment.

Please note secondly, we do not pay in batch or tribalistic in our payment structure, all graduate beneficiaries are considered to be of the same level and entitlement regardless of academic qualification and or tribe, and as such, disbursement is made simultaneously

Lastly, all outstanding September payment process has been reinitiated. If you’re yet to receive your September stipend expect payment soon. We however had maintained and still maintaining all outstanding payments due to beneficiaries will be paid.

Thank you!


The good news now is that all Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries will receive their October stipend on or before January 8, 2022.

Ejes Gist News reports that NASIMS has activated the payment process for Npower October Salary.

For those still having issues with their September payment, they are advised to contact NASIMS management.


The removal of November payment earlier added to payroll tab today was deemed appropriate after careful review to halt an error ensuring simultaneous payment and hitch-free payment gateway is achieved.
Recall, we had earlier stated the payment pattern deployed to clear the outstanding (payment shall be made separately). Be rest assured all outstanding will be cleared, we are poised to serve you better.

Thanks for your understanding.Npower Latest News Today

Npower November stipend payment process Initiated.

The latest Npower Batch C news today on payment  is that the Federal Government, through NASIMS, has Initiated  the payment of November salary to Npower Batch C beneficiaries.

This was contained in an official statement made available to Ejes Gist News by NASIMS management. Read Full Details Here

NASIMS Commences Payment of Npower October Stipend 

The latest Npower Batch C news today on payment is that the Federal Government, through NASIMS, has commenced the payment of October salary to Npower Batch C beneficiaries.

This was contained in an official statement made available to our correspondent by NASIMS management.

According to NASIMS, the process for payment of outstanding stipends has been initiated.

The agency also apologises to Npower Batch C beneficiaries. Read Full Gist Here 


Npower News: Aide to Buhari’s Minister Allegedly Diverts Funds Meant for Npower Batch C Payment

An Aide to Buhari’s Minister is said to have diverted funds meant for Npower Batch C Payment.

Npower Batch C beneficiaries are currently being paid for October, November, and January stipends.

The Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, has refused to give any reason for her refusal to pay the three months’ salaries due to Npower Batch C beneficiaries. Continue To Read More Here 

Npower News on 2 Months 60k Stipend Payment

The Npower News on the 2 Months 60k Stipend Payment is purely speculative.

In today’s Npower Latest News on Payment, We’ll talk about social media rumors that Npower has begun paying two-month 60k stipends out of the three-month allowance owed to beneficiaries in October, November, and January.

But Npower Management has not confirmed these rumors. Read more Here

NPower News: FG To Enlist Additional 400,000 Youths Under N-Power Soon

The Federal Government will soon enlist an additional 400,000 youths under the N-power program, according to Sadiya Umar-Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development. The youths will be enrolled in Batch C2 for the program, which is designed to provide them with life-long skills, according to Umar-Farouq.

Npower Batch C Payment News Today 

NASIMS will not pay October and November stipends.

The news now is that NASIMS will not pay October and November stipends before Christmas.

Latest N-Power Batch C news Today

Ejes Gist News wishes to advise those Npower Batch C Beneficiaries hoping to receive their stipends before Christmas to stop hoping.

Hot news : Npower News: FG To Shortlist Fresh 400,000 Youths Under NPower Batch C2 shortly

The NASIMS management has refused to speak on Npower Batch C1 October and November Stipend Payments dates. 

It seems the NASIMS management is not ready to pay. As such, they have decided to remind Silent to enable beneficiaries’ hope. Can a miracle happen two days before Christmas?

Npower News : NPower News: FG Gives Update On Last Allowance Payment To Npower Trainees

Christmas is now set for Npower Batch C Non-Graduate Trainees.

The Non-Graduate Npower Batch C Beneficiaries have been paid their last salary and are given laptops, including certificates.

The NASIMS management went further to say that those who are qualified but have not received or credited will be paid. Read the full gist here.


Npower Beneficiaries Cry Out: Pay Us October, November, and January Stipends

Beneficiaries of the Npower program are now protesting that they have not received their stipends for October, November, and January, as promised by the Federal Government through NASIMS management.

  • Npower Latest News Today Thursday

In a post on January 15, NASIMS stated that all payments will be made before Christmas. Six days before Christmas, NASIMS administration has said nothing about the Stipend Payment Dates for October, November, or January.

Daily Post Npower News UpdatesLatest Updates Npower News UpdatesNASIMS News UpdatesNpower Batch C October, November and January Payment Date

While Npower Batch C beneficiaries await the formal announcement of the Stupid Payments for October, November, and January, we urge all Npower recipients to be patient. “The patient dog eats the fattest bone,” as they say in our neighborhood palace.


FG will pay the Npower October stipend soon.

Ejes Gist News reports , the Npower October Stipend will be paid in January.

According to reputable sources, NASIMS management is working nonstop to guarantee that Npower Batch C recipients receive their October pay.

If you are one of the recipients awaiting your October income, you will shortly receive a credit alert.

NASIMS Silent on Payment Date for October and November Stipends

The NASIMS administration is currently mum on the stipend payment dates for October and November. The exact date on which FG will pay October and November salaries is currently unknown to Ejes Gist News.

NASIMS has stated the cause of the delay in October and November Npower stipends.

The Federal Government has provided a detailed explanation for why October and November salaries are being paid late, courtesy of NASIMS management.



Account capturing failure is to be blamed, according to NASIMS, and they are working to ensure that all payments are made to all beneficiaries at the same time in the future . Read Full Detail Here

  • Npower Latest News Today  Thursday

Beneficiaries Cry Out Over Non-payment of Npower September stipend

Have all Npower Batch C1 employees received their September stipends, despite NASIMS management’s claims to the contrary? Many Npower Batch C recipients claim that their September payment has yet to arrive.

Many beneficiaries have taken to social media to express their displeasure with the administration.

Below are the screenshots
October and November Stipends
News about Npower

Npower Batch C Stream 2  Latest News.

For those wanting to be Npower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted candidates, Please be assured that the list is not out yet and the Federal Government is mute on the names of the shortlisted candidates for Npower Batch C Stream 2...

At the time of this report, there is no tangible news on Npower Batch Stream 2

Npower September Stipend Issues Have Been Resolved

This is to inform all Npower Batch C1 recipients who have not yet received their September salary…

Please be advised that all salary issues for September have been resolved, and beneficiaries have been credited. If you haven’t received your alert, it’s possible that your bank is having problems, and I recommend that you wait.

Npower Management NASIMS confirmed that all September salary issues have been resolved…and that they are making preparations for the payment of October and November salaries at the time of this report.

Npower October And November Payment Date

The payment date for Npower’s October and November salaries has been announced by NASIMS.

According to NASIMS management sources, the Federal Government will begin paying stipends for October and November in January.


The payment will begin before the Christmas holiday, according to the source. They would not, however, give an exact date for the Npower Outstanding Stipend Payment.


The Federal Government has yet to pay the October and November stipends to Npower Batch C beneficiaries.

Npower News : FG Clears All Outstanding Npower Batch C September Salary

All outstanding Npower Batch C September Salary has been cleared by the FG.

The good news is that the Federal Government has cleared all outstanding Npower Batch C September Stipend.


This was revealed in an official statement issued by NASIMS management, which Ejes Gist News obtained.. Read Full Detail Here

FG Commences Payment To Npower Batch C1 Non Graduate Beneficiaries

Npower Batch C1 Non-Graduate Recipients, rejoice… I have some good news for you today, Thursday… Payment to those who have not yet been paid has begun, according to the federal government.
According to NASIMS management, the outstanding September salary is being paid to Npower Batch C1 Non-Graduate Beneficiaries who have not received their stipends…Read Full Detail Here

Npower October and November payments will begin soon?.


Payments for October will begin as soon as the September stipend is paid to those who have not yet received their salary, according to Npower management.

FG Issued New Directive to all Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

Through NASIMS, the Federal Government of Nigeria has warned all Npower Batch C beneficiaries not to fall prey to scammers.


This was stated in a statement sent to all Npower Batch C beneficiaries by NASIMS on Thursday, January 26th.


NASIMS has advised all Npower Batch C1 employees to ignore any calls requesting their ATM credentials in order to receive their September stipend Read the full story here.

Npower Commences Payment Of Unpaid Batch C1 Beneficiaries September Salary

The big Npower Batch C1 news today is that NASIMS has started paying the unpaid Npower Batch C September stipend.

The outstanding September salary for unpaid Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries will be paid soon.

Read the full story here.
Dear Beneficiaries


For the sake of the gullibles and avoidance of false information, payment commencement date of October and November stipends hasn’t been confirmed, for now, we are still working on payment issues and hope to finish up soon. We shall give update on the above subject matter when it’s appropriate. Kindly disregard any slated date making the rounds on social platforms and keep observing your dashboard to that effect

For now, stay tuned to our official social media channels for authentic information

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Npower News: FG Apologizes To Unpaid Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

  • Apologies for the reversal of payment status.

The Federal Government through NASIMS has apologized for the reversed payment status from pending to failed and the delay in payment of the September Npower Stipend to those who have not been paid.

The management said, “We are working to resolve it.” All qualified beneficiaries will be paid.

Continue to read the full details here.

Npower News : FG Alerts Nigerians On Fake Npower Batch C2 Shortlist.

Nasims warned and alerted Nigerians about a fake Npower batch C stream 2 Supplementary Enlistment ₦500 Payment cloned portal, which Nasims warned and alerted you about. So keep reading!


Npower News: FG tells unpaid Npower beneficiaries what to do to get paid

The federal government has directed all unpaid beneficiaries batch C1 who have yet to provide their BVN on their Nasims portal profile to call any of their support lines at 092203102 or 018888340 and provide them with their BVN. Your account cannot be validated without BVN…  to read  more  click here 

FG Speaks On Commencement Of October & January Npower Batch C Payment

Nasims has provided an important update on the start of the Npower Batch C payment in October and January.

Beneficiaries have requested an exact payment start date for the October and January stipends , but management has stated that they are unable to provide  Continue reading...

Npower News Today Thursday 6th on Issues faced by beneficiaries are now indicated — NASIMS

A curial notice has been sent to all Npower beneficiaries in an effort to resolve all Batch C payment issues.

We know you are frustrated about not receiving your September payment. We are working round the clock to ensure these issues are resolved. Thanks for your patience.”

Nasim’s Dashboard will indicate any issues faced by each beneficiary. This information was also confirmed by one of our users who is also having difficulty with his payment.. Payment status: pending, Reason : bank name  not available.

The Npower Management has begun writing to you about the issues you are facing, as indicated above.

  • Npower News Today Thursday 6th   

Npower Payment News Today 2022:  payment issues have been resolved.

I’d like to let you know that Npower’s management is focused on the payment issue rather than data availability.

The good news is that those whose bank information is correct will receive their pay soon.


The date for Npower’s October payment is still unknown as of the time of writing this Npower News today. Ejes Gist News, on the other hand, is hoping to hear from the management soon.

Npower News Today 2022 Batch c Payment


NASIMS Speaks On Commencement Of October Npower Batch C Payment  

FG has said no date has been fixed for the payment of October Salary.

According to NASIMS, all September Salary Issues will be resolved before commencement of Npower October Payment 

  • The message reads; 

Dear Beneficiary, We can’t talk about payment of the October stipend without first having those major issues associated with payment of the September stipend addressed, as some beneficiaries are yet to be paid. Click Here To Continue Reading


The statement titled: “N’Power Batch C stream 1: WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAYMENT DELAY


  • Npower News Today Thursday 6th


Good news to all those who have received their September Salary… 

Npower News For October Batch C Stipend Payment 2022.

The good news now is that many Npower Batch C beneficiaries have received their September payment…   ReAD Here 



N-power Batch C stream 2.

At the time of this report, Npower Batch C stream 2 shortlisted candidates were not out… but a source said it would be out soon. You should  be patient if you are not shortlisted in Npower batch c stream 1.

  • Latest Npower News Today Thursday 6th 2022

  • Latest Npower News Today Thursday  

Beneficiaries Begin To Receive Npower Batch C Payment  Proof.


Latest Npower News Today Wednesday 10th November 2021


What Is Npower Latest News Today Thursday ?

The Npower Latest News Today  can now be accessed below.

  • Has Npower started paying October stipend

News on  Npower Batch C2 Shortlist

 Npower News Today Thursday 6th

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