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Good day to all distinguished npower beneficiaries. I would like to wish you a very happy Monday, March 14th , 2022. Ejes Gist Newspaper welcomes you to the Npower Discussion Group Post of today.

In today’s , Nexit Training programme has commenced across Nigeria. Those having issues with their training centers / Venues should click here  ” Nexit Training Venues And Its EDIs Agency Contact Numbers   


to be Initiated before 18th March.

: after a failed partial activation of the January stipend payment due to a lack of funds, the payment of Npower January stipends has been rescheduled.  It  will be activated on or before Friday, March 18th, 2022.

According to information available to Ejes Gist Newspaper, Npower’s  January payment is yet to be approved by the federal ministry.

An inside source familiar with the process said, “the payment will commence after approval from the ministry.

Latest on  January stipend Payment Date  

The latest Npower news on stipend payments now is that NASIMS management has assured beneficiaries that the Npower January payment will be activated next week.
Source at the office of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development confirmed this to our correspondent.


January stipend Payment Partially Initiated.

The is that NASIMS management has commenced the activation of the Npower January stipend payment.

According to information available to our correspondent, NASIMS management has commenced the activation of Npower January stipend payment batch by batch.

The source also said that “backlog stipends are being paid to Batch C beneficiaries whose November and December stipends have failed.”

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Dear N-Power Batch C (Stream 1) Beneficiaries.

We informed you a few days ago about the payment of the awaiting January and February stipends. While we congratulate you on your patience, we hereby inform you that payment of January stipends will be initiated sooner than expected.

Keep your accounts validated.

Npower Nexit Training News Today : 370,000 Beneficiaries Shortlisted

You may recall that Ejes Gist Newspaper Npower discussion group previously shared an update stating that Nexit training will begin on March 14, 2022.

According to Nneka Ikem, the SA media to Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Sadiya Umar Farouq, only 370,000 former Npower beneficiaries expressed interest when the CBN portal was opened. Read More Here 



Latest news on Npower Nexit Training Date

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development (FMHADMSD), Surerity Global Services and Consulting Limited invites applicants to the upcoming FMHADMSD N-power graduate training, which will take place as follows:


  • Date: 14th – 114th of March, 2022.
  • Time: 9am – 2pm daily.

Read Full Details Here

Npower December Failed Payment – Why You Should Not Worry If Once Paid

If you have already received your for September, October, and November, you should not be concerned about receiving your if you have not yet received it.

According to NASIMS management, system failures were to blame for the failed payment.

According to the management of NASIMS, all beneficiaries will receive their due stipends on a timely basis.

On .

The latest today is that NASIMS management has refused to give further updates on when Npower January and February stipends will be initiated.

However, an inside source told us that the Npower January stipend payment will be made this week if all things go as planned.


Latest Npower News:  NASIMS Commences Monthly Clearance

According to information obtained by our correspondent, the NSIP independent monitoring team is currently visiting Npower batch Cl beneficiaries’ PPAs in order to record their presence and collect data. Beneficiaries of Npower are advised to be present at all times at their various PPAs in order to avoid being absent from class.


Get rid of the myth that NPower is a “national cake” as many people believe it to be. Because the beneficiaries of the programme are closely monitored, the Npower volunteers should take their responsibilities seriously.

. You may also want to read and know what is  Npower Batch C Volunteers Monthly Clearance? To avoid anything that Can Lead To Npower Volunteer Disengagement After Deployment

The Npower management team has issued a cautionary statement to potential Npower applicants, advising them to disregard online information about Npower batch D recruitment. According to the company’s management, Npower is not currently hiring. Batch D’s recruitment is a ruse that should be ignored.


Still not received Npower December stipend? 

Those having issues with their December Payment and have received their previous Stipends? They are advised to be patient or contact NASIMS management .

According to information available to us, the Npower January stipend payment will be initiated soon.

We encourage our users to exercise patience. Ejes Gist Newspaper will be the first to publish it when the Npower January stipend payment is officially announced by NASIMS management.


Npower Latest News  : Npower December Backlog Stipends are being paid to Beneficiaries.

The good news now is that NASIMS management has announced commencement of  Npower December Backlog Stipends Payment to beneficiaries whose payments have failed.

The Statement reads; 

The payment of December stipends has just recommenced yesterday 1/3/2022 after a long period of PROCESSING. While we don’t take pleasure in the delay, all unpaid Beneficiaries for the month of December will definitely get their payment.

Npower January and February Stipend Payment date

The good news is that NASIMS management will begin processing the Npower January stipend payment within hours.

The Ejes Gist Newspaper acknowledges that Npower January stipend payment will begins this week, as it was first reported.

This was stated in an official statement released by the NASIMS management.

As we await the , all beneficiaries should always do what they are paid to do, by going to their place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

The statement reads;

of January and February Stipends 

  • Dear N-Power Batch C (Stream 1) Beneficiaries,
While we congratulate you on the patience observed during the payment process of December stipends, we hereby inform you that payment of January and February stipends is due to commence soon. Note that the rectification and payment of backlogs is still ongoing.
The payment of January and February stipends, which is currently being reviewed, will as usual commence with the initial month, then immediately proceed to the latter. You are advised to keep your accounts validated.

NPower News: NASIMS Resumes Batches A and B 5 Months Stipend Backlog Payment

The Npower Program’s management has resumed Batches A and B 5 Months Backlog Payment, according to reports. Nasims released this information today, March 8, 2022…..Read mOre

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Npower January stipend Payment Update.

Ejes Gist Newspaper can authoritatively reports that the management of NASIMS  will start the process of initiating the payment process for Npower January stipend, based on the information available to us.

300k Nexit Scheme Applicants To Enjoy CBN Loan – FG

The Federal Government has announced that 300,000 Nexit Scheme Applicants will be eligible for a CBN loan as the government prepares to conduct Nexit training for exited Npower batches A and B beneficiaries in March. Continue reading to learn more: According to reports, during a weekly ministerial briefing organised by the presidential media team on Tuesday, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouk, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, stated that the Federal Government will provide loan facilities to 300,000 N-Power exited beneficiaries following Nexit vocational training from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).….READ MORE

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Npower Latest News  : How To Do Npower Batch C Stream 2 Biometric Verification Exercise

All 1 beneficiaries should spread the word about the latest developments and offer support and guidance to the Stream 2 shortlisted candidates on how to proceed with their verification.


Candidates who have been selected for the Npower Biometric Verification Exercise should complete it as soon as possible before it is too late. Those who completed the process independently should wait for their Npower Physical Verification Exercise in their respective local government areas.


Ejes Gist Newspaper understands that the payment of Stipends to Beneficiaries contains three (3) Stages.

  1. Sorting / Processing of beneficiaries’ account
  2. Activation of
  3. Commencement of Payment

Those who have not received their Npower December Payment and those who have received previous payments should be patient. The money will be credited to their accounts.


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Npower Latest News  : NASIMS Management Apologizes for Npower December Payment Failure

The NASIMS management has apologized for the ’s massive failure.

The management promised that all Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries would receive their December payment as soon as possible.

The statement reads as follows:

We are aware of the massive payment failure in December and the volunteers who have yet to be paid. As a result, our teams are working around the clock to resolve the issue. Please be aware that all failed December payments will be resent. Be patient and wait for your payment to begin as soon as possible.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this delay has caused you.

Keep an eye out for up-to-date information.
Thank you very much!


Npower Nasims Begins Batch C Stream 2 Fingerprint Biometric Enrollment.

The good news now is that the much anticipated Shortlisted Candidates for biometric Verification is now out.




Today’s NPower Latest News on Stipend Payment, the payment of Npower December salary to beneficiaries has been confirmed by NASIMS management.

NASIMS management said in a statement obtained by Ejes Gist Newspaper that beneficiaries had received their December salaries and that those who had payment issues should contact NASIMS customer service.

The statement reads as follows:

On receiving the much-anticipated Npower December stipends, we congratulate the successful beneficiaries. While we recognize the payment delay, we also want to reassure beneficiaries who have yet to receive their stipends that their accounts are still being credited.


Please contact NASIMS customer service at 092203102 or 018888340.

  • When is Npower January payment date? 

The payment for January will be announced soon.

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Payment of Npower December stipends is still ongoing, according to today’s latest Npower news from Ejes Gist Newspaper. Over two hundred thousand (300,000) accounts have been credited as of today.

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Meanwhile, a total of 125,000 failed or unsatisfactory transfers have been recorded. Beneficiaries should verify their accounts as soon as possible.

Npower News Update: Payment of December stipends ongoing .

The good news is that NASIMS management has started paying beneficiaries the Npower December Stipend. While those who are having problems with their October and salary payments are getting their issues resolved. you can read the full gist here.


NASIMS wrote;1

Dear N-Power Batch C (Stream 1) Beneficiaries.

We acknowledge and accept responsibility for the stipend payment delay. We are aware of the beneficiaries’ provocations on this subject. While we encourage you to be patient while the scheme is in progress, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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It’s worth noting that December stipend payments had already been started and initiated.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


Npower News: FG Speaks on Npower December Stipend Payment Delay

The Federal Government has issued a statement in response to the Npower December Stipend Payment Delay, according to today’s Npower news.


The FG has apologized to N-power Batch C1 beneficiaries for the December stipend payment delay via NASIMS management…. Read Full details Here 


Npower January Payment Date. 

For now there is no news on N-Power January Salary Payment to Beneficiaries.

Buhari’s Minister Rejects Request to Adopt NYSC Quick Payment Method for Npower  

The request to use the NYSC quick and uniform payment method for Npower Payment was denied by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, led by Sadiya Umar Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development.. Read Full Details


Npower December Payment Delay and January stipends.

According to today’s NPower Latest News, all N-Power Batch C (Stream 1) beneficiaries have been warned not to fall victim.

As previously stated, ATM credentials are personal and sensitive information that should be handled with extreme caution.

As a result, do not respond to calls from scammers requesting your ATM credentials in order to be reimbursed for unpaid stipends in December and January. It’s important to note that officials from N-Power will never engage in such unethical behaviour in order to defraud unwitting beneficiaries…

Because the December Salary payment has been delayed, all Npower Batch C1 recipients are urged to be patient.

Npower Monthly Clearance Form

Meanwhile, Npower batch c beneficiary has alleged that they are being asked to pay ₦2000 — ₦3000 for Monthly Clearance Form.

The beneficiary wrote; Did you know that clearance forms are now sell #3000, 2000 by some of your independent monitors in some local government areas?

Npower Latest News Today Tuesday 15 Feb 2022 – Npower December Stipend Payment

Ejes Gist Newspaper advises beneficiaries not to pay for clearance form until NASIMS management says so.


IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid “Failed” payment process, accounts with “Pending” status require validation by financial institutions (Banks).

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PAYMENT STAGES: Know your status.


All N-Power Batch C1 beneficiaries should Know their status.

  • PENDING  means Validation stage
  • PROCESSING  means Disbursement stage
  • PAID your account has been  credited

All Npower beneficiaries are required to keep their accounts validated.

According to today’s N-power update on December Payment, if your account is showing pending, it has been changed to processing, and those whose accounts are already in the processing stage are now being credited.

If your account status remains pending, there’s no need to be concerned. If your account says it’s processing, it’s being verified and will be credited shortly.

All Npower Batch C1 recipients will receive their December salary this week.

We continue to recommend that beneficiaries go to their PPA. If you aren’t doing the job for which you were hired, you won’t be able to collect money.


Npower Latest News For MondayMarch 14th 2022 on December stipend Issues


If you were chosen for the first batch of training, you will be notified when the training center opens, according to Npower Nasims.


The N-build Training Program for Npower Batch C1 began on January 31, 2022. Trainees have been assigned to one of the training centers listed on the portal. The three-month in-center training will be followed by a six-month apprenticeship.


Always visit Payment for December and January Salaries and other top trending stories in Nigeria for more information on Latest npower news and Npower Latest News on Stipend Payment for December and January Salaries and other top trending stories in Nigeria.

Testimonials has been pouring in from the beneficiaries of the N-Tech that concluded their in-camp training a few weeks ago.

Npower Latest News on payment of January and February stipend Today Tuesday, 14th March, 2022

300k Nexit Scheme Applicants To Enjoy CBN Loan – FG

According to the Federal Government, as it prepares to conduct Nexit training for the exited Npower batches A and B beneficiaries in March, 300,000 Nexit Scheme applicants will benefit from a loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouk, announced on Monday during the weekly ministerial briefing organised by the presidential media team that the Federal Government will provide loan facilities from the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, to 300,000 N-Power beneficiaries who have completed their contracts with the. Read More Here 


Npower Latest News on payment of January and February stipend Today Tuesday, 14th March, 2022

NPower Creative Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Registration Form

Npower December stipend , Npower Latest News Today Wednesday

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