1. Good Afternoon Sir, please my April stipend have not been paid, my dashboard was initially showing processing, later changed to failed and transfer not successful. Please I need help for the needful to be done so that my account will be credited

  2. Please, for the batch C stream 2 who failed to undergo his/her physical verification at the stipulated date.What is there faith and can they proceed for it?

  3. APC is risking their winning the presidential seat should this npower end in one year. It’s a gateway to PDP winning our minds and votes. Play card well APC govt.

  4. My Only Prayer is for them to extend it. 😢

    It’s not fair at all, some batch collected TAB, while some lasts for almost 3 years. Ours should be more than a Year Abeg 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I’m one of the NPOWER batch C stream 1 beneficiary (non graduate), federal government has failed in all their promises, most of us from South West received payment for only September only few 2 beneficiaries from my own training center received payment for April and May, we have sent mails and even called the helpdesk all to no avail, if they fill they cannot finance the program again, they should cancel it instead of making people waste their hard earned money on transportation when they will not be paid the promised stipends, even the tools were not up to half of what was expected, what’s the essence of wasting people’s time, majority of the beneficiaries from my training center (GSTC, Idi ABA, Abeokuta North) travel down from places like imeko, ayetoro, mowe and the likes weekly, can the #10,000 they paid just once cover up for that, it’s really a waste of time, after completing the training it was sad when we called the helpdesk and we were told our name wasn’t part of those who went for the training, even after the center head has submitted the name countless times, it is really not worth it

  6. N-power Program as at of years back is 2years. And if the past beneficiaries can spent 2years completely. I think the FG should be able to extend the program for addition of a year more for batch C stream1. If the FG disengage them. How are we going to live again without job and no money coming in again? That is the Question. Has the FG made availability of another job for us? The exit loan for business they are talking about is it on instant payment? If all these are not ready. The FG should be able to extend the Program for us for two years. Beside the election is coming. They should use it as a Source of Compaign for a good leading as a Leader. Afterall it is called Empowerment. And with the name the program is meant for the government to help the citizens. Thanks and God bless me and you and God bless Nigeria.

  7. Good morning,I have a problem concerning my March stipend which said transaction not successful failed, so I’m appealing that Nasims should do the needful things to resolve the matter or issue to enable me receive my March stipend please.from cross river state Ecobank

  8. What happen to the Npower Batch C stream 2 for the non-graduate? They haven’t done their physical verification, what would be of them.

  9. Good morning please, kindly help us look into the disengagement date, federal government should consider the fact that most of us have nothing doing yet, and help us extend the date of the disengagement thanks.

  10. However, if the federal government is terminating the patch c stream one Npower program, I think that they should reconsider the person with disabilities in the program and extend theirs as it has really helped a lot of us to sustain ourselves all this while.


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