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Npower Batch C Stipends Payment Update –Npower Batch C Update



Npower News - Why Npower Batch C Physical Verification Might Be Done After Deployment

Npower Batch C Stipends Payment Update –Npower Batch C Update ).

This page Covers ;

  • Npower Batch C Salary Scale
  • Npower Batch C Salary Structure 
  • Npower Batch C Deployment When
  •  Npower Physical Verification
  • Npower Batch c payment structure

Are you a Npower Batch C beneficiary? Do you have any questions about when you’ll get your first stipend? If you answered yes, this post will provide you with all of the information you need about the Npower Batch C Stipends payment.

Some Npower Batch C beneficiaries who have completed the required tasks are looking forward to receiving their first stipend payment.  Read also: Latest Update On Npower Batch C Physical Verification

They want to know when the first payment is scheduled to arrive.

As a result, they (mostly beneficiaries) have been asking this question on a variety of platforms and social media pages.

It is certain that all Npower beneficiaries will receive monthly payments known as stipends.

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The actual monthly stipend all graduate beneficiaries are entitled to is thirty thousand naira (N30,000).

Non-graduate volunteers will receive a monthly stipend of ten thousand naira (N10,000).

Beneficiary deployment is still ongoing, so payment will begin once deployment conclusions have been reached.

The first payment will most likely be made in September or October 2021. Since then, the vast majority of applicants must have begun printing their deployment letters.

However, unforeseeable circumstances may cause the payment of stipends to be delayed from the expected month.

Only applicants who have completed the deployment process on the Nasims portal, as well as his or her PPA, should expect stipends at this stage of the Batch C recruitment process.

Because he or she will have been confirmed as a beneficiary and will be eligible for Npower Batch C stipends by then.

Those who have not yet completed the required steps should do so as soon as possible.

The second phase of the Batch C (stream 2) beneficiary recruitment will begin soon.

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Latest Update On Npower Batch C Physical Verification 

Dear NPower Batch C Successful Candidates , Concerning the NPower Physical Verification exercise for Batch ‘C’ Stream 1, we at Ejes Gist News have communicated with the N-Power Program Head Office via the NASIMS complaint and enquiries centre. The verification date has been rescheduled, and a new date for the exercise will be announced soon, they said.

They also stated that physical verification is not the most important step because they have already begun planning for the first Npower Payment (remuneration) for successful applicants who submitted their bank details and re-uploaded the signed PPA Letter (tick as accepted).

So, disregard the circulated date for physical verification and make sure you’ve submitted your bank information, then printed out your PPA letter, filled it out at your PPA (place of work/services), and re-uploaded it as soon as possible.

The PPA letter for N-Health is signed by Health Care Management in your PHC, while the letter for N-Teach is signed by the School’s Head of School. Best of luck to you!

Yours is a battleground
For: Chairman, NYDCN, Ambassador A. A. Manga Katagum

See How To Download And Print Your Npower Batch C PPA Deployment Letter ( How To Upload Npower Deployment Letter )

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Details of how to download and print your N-Power Batch C PPA deployment letter has emerged.


This Page answer the following Questions

  • Is Npower Deployment Letter Out? 
  • How To Upload Npower Deployment Letter
  • Npower Uploading Of Deployment Letter Guide 

Ejes Gist News had reported  early this week that the President Buhari led government has flagged off the commencement of Npower Batch C on Monday in Abuja.


Following the commencement of the Batch C, the Npower Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries will be happy to know that the Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) deployment letter is now available on the NASIMS dashboard for downloading and printing.


All Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries should note that they can view or download your Npower PPA letter on your phone before going to the cyber cafe to print it out.

Beneficiaries should also note that they are to resume/start work within the first 3 days of posting. On resumption, they will be assigned to a supervisor that will appraise them.

Steps On How to download Npower PPA deployment letter


Here’s how to get your PPA deployment letter from your NASIMS dashboard in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to NASIMS portal (
  2. Login to your dashboard with your email address and password.
  3. Click on ‘Deployment’ tab to view your N-power deployment details.

If you have been successfully deployed, you will get a message like;

“We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details“..

Deployment Details

Place of Primary Assignment

Ima***he Primary School


N30,000 per month.

Click Download PPA Deployment Letter.

You will see a pop-up box , you will be asked to fill in the following;

  • BVN 
  • Account Number
  • Name of Bank 

As shown below Download PPA Deployment Letter

Next: click Download PPA Letter
take your Download PPA Deployment Letter to your supervisor/Place of PPA for acceptance .

How To Upload Npower Deployment Letter ( Npower Batch C Update News )

Login to your dashboard again and upload your acceptance letter.

But if you have not been deployed, you will see.
“You have not being deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set“.

How To Download And Print Your Npower Batch C PPA Deployment Letter.


Is Npower Deployment Letter Out? 

Yes Npower Batch C Deployment Letter is out for Successful Candidates to download and print.

Npower Uploading Of Deployment Letter process is very easy. Follow above Guide.

Official Launching of N-Power Batch C Stream.

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  1. Salamatu yahaya

    Wed, Jul 13, 2022 at 8:50 am

    Hello ,my problem is that my may and June stipend is processing since last week but no payments yet,am using uba bank account,or the fault is from my bank ,the other Banks has already paid our coulique..tnx alot help please

    • Naija News Desk

      Wed, Jul 13, 2022 at 1:08 pm

      Check your dashboard very well… June Stipends have not been activated….

      For May Stipend crediting of accounts will commence today

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