Npower News - Why Npower Batch C Physical Verification Might Be Done After Deployment

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Exercise Suspended.

The physical verification exercise for N-power batch C was scheduled for Friday, September 10, 2021, across the country. Npower batch C beneficiaries came out in droves, excited and prepared for the exercise.

However, this was short-lived, as N-power management claimed that those tasked with physical verification were unprepared, and the process at the verification centre was chaotic.

The verification centre in, Delta, Edo State, Bayelsa state, particularly in the Yenagoa Local Area, saw a large number of Npower batch C beneficiaries.

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The people in charge of the verification had arrived late and requested that everyone calm down.

In their words, “As you know, today is meant for and as you can see we are yet to start at this time, this is not entirely our fault. We get our orders from Abuja and to tell you the truth, we thought the nasims portal will be ready today.

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We have been awaking since midnight trying to access the portal to see if we can start this verification today. I cannot tell you this verification will hold on Monday or any other day. When the Nasims portal is ready you will all be invited for the N-power Batch C Physical Verification Exercise.”

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