Npower Batch C Payment News Today November 2021

Npower News - Why Npower Batch C Physical Verification Might Be Done After Deployment

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I’m writing to inform all N-power Batch C Beneficiaries about today’s N-power Batch C Payment News and what you can expect as the first batch C beneficiary.

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We’ve gotten a lot of questions from Npower batch C beneficiaries who are looking for accurate information on NPower Monthly Payments/Stipends.

Here are some of the Questions;

If you are reading this post, please make sure you read all of the articles carefully because we will answer the questions above one by one.


N-Power Batch C beneficiaries who have completed their physical verification but have not uploaded their Npower PPA letter to the NASIMS portal will not be paid.


Those who have requested for Redeployment from their state or from school A to School within their state should login to their dashboard and check their Redeployment Status.


The Payment of stipends to Npower batch C beneficiaries scheduled for 21st to 23rd of October has be scheduled for November, 2021. According to sources from the Agency, it was due to delay logistics challenge.


Payment for N-power Batch C beneficiaries’ stipends is currently being processed, and all beneficiaries will begin receiving their stipends soon in this month of November.

When will I Receive my NPower Monthly Stipend?

Once you have completed your Npower physical verification and successfully uploaded your PPA letter to your Nasims portal, you will begin receiving your Npower monthly stipends, as soon as the Agency commence disbursement.

What is the Latest News about N-Power Batch C Payment?

Payment for Npower Batch C beneficiaries’ stipends is currently being processed, and all beneficiaries will begin receiving their stipends soon.


You’re good to go if you’ve completed your Npower verification and uploaded your PPA letter to the Nasims portal. All you need is a little bit of patience.

The Npower team has assured all batch C recipients that their payments will arrive on time. It could be today, tomorrow, or at any time in the future.


What is Delaying NPower Batch C Monthly Stipends?

Only if you haven’t completed all of the necessary requirements can your Npower Batch C Monthly Stipends be delayed.


Please note that payment will not be made to applicants who completed the Npower physical verification but did not report to their PPA to sign and upload their PPA letter.

Incorrect BVN or bank details are another factor that can cause your Npower Npower payment to be delayed.

You won’t be able to receive your NPower monthly stipend if the date of birth in your Bank Verification Number (BVN) does not match the one in your NPower Nasims portal.

Please double-check your BVN, date of birth, and bank details before submitting to avoid missing your Npower monthly salary.


Volunteers should contact the Npower support care centre if their information is incorrect.

via [email protected]


If you are having issues with your Npower redeployment, please kindly contact [email protected]


Volunteers who fail to report to their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) or who do not take their Npower work seriously will not be paid at the end of the month.

Remember that the N-power Program is a work-and-earn programme in which N-power Beneficiaries are paid for performing their assigned duties, and in which a beneficiary who fails to follow the program’s guidelines may be considered eligible to leave.

The Ministry is unable to compensate the volunteers for a month in which they did not work. In fact, the Federal Government will spend $14.1 billion per month to pay the 450,000 graduates and 60,000 non-graduates.

According to information at Npower Batch C beneficiaries dashboard. They will be paid  ₦30,000. The N-power Batch C Payment Structure is ₦10,000 to ₦30,000

Npower Batch C Category Npower Batch C Payment Structure
Npower Teach ₦30,000
Npower  Agro ₦30,000
Npower Health ₦30,000
Npower Non graduate ₦10,000





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