Npower Batch C monthly stipend Might be raised to ₦50,000

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If all things be equal, there is possibility that President Muhammadu Buhari may increase the Npower Batch C stipends to ₦50,000 according to Npower Management.

The N-Power scheme’s management has acknowledged receiving a request from a Batch C prospective volunteer that the programme consider boosting the N-Power monthly stipend to N50,000 because the Batch C tenor will only last one year instead of the two years enjoyed by Batch A and B.

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Miss Peace Chinenye Okeke, a member of Npower, made the recommendation. She expressed herself as follows:

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“Thank you for your hard effort, @N-power. Please consider increasing our honorarium to $50,000, considering the batch C tenor is just one year long. Please, so that we can put something aside at the end of the programme.”

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In response, N-Power management welcomed the suggestion and stated that they would contact the proper authority (federal government) about the matter.

“Thank you for contacting us, Peace Chinenye Okeke. Your proposal has been received and will be passed along to the appropriate department for review. Have a wonderful day ahead of you.”



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