Npower Batch C Monthly Clearance – All you should know 

Npower News - Why Npower Batch C Physical Verification Might Be Done After Deployment

– All you should know

In today’s latest N-Power Batch news, we’ll discuss what N-Power monthly clearance entails and why Batch C Volunteers should be aware of it as beneficiaries prepare to resume work on October 4, 2021. Therefore, continue reading!


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What does N-Power Batch C Monthly Clearance Means?

Npower Batch C  monthly clearance is a screening conducted on a monthly basis. Exercise performed on Npower volunteers to ensure they report to their primary assignment on a monthly basis in order to receive their monthly stipends.


The Types of monthly clearance in Npower programme

There are two distinct types of N-Power monthly clearance, which we will describe below:

  1. Npower official clearance
  2. Npower PPA Supervisor Clearance

Npower does not conduct official clearances on a monthly basis; they are conducted on an as-needed basis with advance notice. Beneficiaries may be informed in advance by their PPA supervisor.

Npower PPA Supervisor Clearance is the type of clearance that is conducted on a monthly basis by his supervisor in Volunteers PPA. This type of clearance is carried out in some PPAs by filling out a daily register and then compiling a final list at the end of the month by the supervisor.


What are the consequence of Missing Npower monthly clearance?

Missing Npower batch C clearance results in immediate disengagement from the Npower Programme, as it indicates that a volunteer is absconding from work, which violates the Npower Programme’s terms and conditions.

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