Facts Check: Nostradamus predicted the Coronavirus – Weird Claim


Nostradamus’ followers credit the man with predicting many world events, including the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963.


Hundreds of conspiracy theorists have now taken to social media to claim Nostradamus knew of coronavirus nearly 500 years ago.


One person said: “Think about it, Nostradamus predicted Prophecies for 2020 would be marked by a major economic crisis: Bankruptcy, recession and dark times for the global economy.


“The Simpsons’ predictions include Trump presidency, this year’s Super Bowl, the Coronavirus epidemic, Kobe’s death.”

Another person said: “Nostradamus has haunting prophecies of this happening… #COVID19 #coronavirus.”


A meme replicates a Nostradamus prophecy foretelling the 2020 COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic.


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