No Negotiations with bandits, they’re Criminals – FG

Shoot On Sight Anyone with AK-47, Buhari Tells Security Force

Babagana Munguno, the National Security Advisor (NSA), said the federal will not negotiate with operating in the north-central and northwestern regions of the country because they are unreliable.

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On Thursday, March 11, Mungonu told Aso Rock correspondents that negotiations with the would create the impression that the federal is weak.

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“The government is addressing the problem of insecurity, and we’ve said many times that there are two phases in solving this problem – the soft approach: talking, negotiating, and so on,” he explained.

While the government is not opposed to speaking with these entities, these human beings, I must be blunt: the government must use its weight, that necessary force because you can’t even talk to unreliable people, who will turn out to do something different, and who will continue to harm society.

So, the government wants to deal with this issue by utilising all of its resources – military and intelligence assets – to eliminate these individuals.”

If some of them are willing to come out and talk and negotiate down the road, we will do so when the time comes, but for now, we can’t keep focusing on “Let’s dialogue.”

Psychologically, a dialogue is bad for us; it portrays us as weak and incapable, and I, like the governor of Kaduna State, see no reason why we can’t deal with these elements with what we have.” he stated



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