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The United States and other Western countries have warned that the Russian-Ukraine conflict would not be resolved quickly.

The battle between the two former Soviet republics has lasted 50 days, with Russia now moving its military attention from Ukraine’s northern and southern regions to the Donbass region, which includes the breakaway provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken informed European allies on Friday, April 15, that the “United States believes the Russian war in Ukraine could last through the end of 2022” as US and European officials have increasingly concluded that the conflict has no immediate conclusion in sight.

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‘In the short term, there is no end in sight,’ Blinken remarked.

Blinken “has discussed with his counterparts our concern that the conflict could be protracted,” a senior State Department source said, “but all of his engagements have revolved around how best to bring it to a halt as quickly as possible.”

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According to reports, some European officials have stated that there are no indications that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aims have altered, and that unless faced with military defeat, he is unlikely to enter diplomatic dialogue with Ukraine.

That is the latest Foreign news today on US predicts.

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