Nnamdi Kanu Invites 101 Soldiers Who Absconded From Nigerian Military To Join ESN

If you’re against Eastern Security Network, Receive sense' - Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu invites 101 Soldiers Who Absconded From Nigerian Military  To Join ESN. 

Soldiers fighting Boko Haram terrorists around the New Marte and Dikwa towns were overpowered by the insurgents who attacked them recently.

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Over a hundred soldiers flee the area perhaps for safety. But on Wednesday, the Nigerian Army declared the 101 soldiers wanted, for fleeing from the Boko Haram terrorists’ attacks in New Marte and Dikwa towns near Maiduguri.

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As part of a measure to ensure they return to the force, their bank accounts have also be ordered to be frozen.

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A memo was sent to the force headquarters and it reads in part:

“You are requested to declare the named officers and soldiers deserters WEF 19 Feb 21,” the document said.

YOU are also please requested to Ordered the Headquarters, NAFC, to freeze their accounts and apprehend or bring them under military escort to this headquarters if seen within your Area of Responsibility,” the military memo had said.

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous people of Brafia (IPOB) and the founder of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) seem not too happy with the way the Nigeria army headquarters have handled the issue. He, therefore, seems to have left an open invitation for the “deserted soldiers”  He urged them  “go and join” the ESN.

He reasoned that why will an easterner or westerner will go and join the Nigeria military and be sent to go and combat banditry in the north so that they “can be killed” but the northerners are sent to other regions that enjoy peace.

According to The Vanguard, Kanu said, “Sometimes I wonder, how can you come from the East, West and Middle Belt, and you are in the army? And they used you to go and fight the bandits so that you can be killed.”

“Today, soldiers are leaving and they have ordered for their arrest for leaving the army. And I am telling all these soldiers to go and join the Eastern Security Network.”


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