NIMC Portal Hacked

Hacked or Temporary Unavailable ? 

Due to the National Identity Management Commission’s NIN Verification Service’s unavailability, mobile subscribers attempting to complete SIM swaps across the country have been unable to do so (NVS).

In response to user complaints, MTN Nigeria stated that the “NIMC application is currently unavailable.”

“Please be patient as we are currently unable to process sim swap and upgrade requests. As soon as the issue is resolved, feedback will be shared. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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“No one should be debarred from any service on the guise of NIN not being verified,” NIMC spokesperson Kayode Adegoke said in a statement obtained by Ejes Gist News on Monday.


“While the NIN verification service (NVS) may be unavailable due to infrastructure maintenance by one of our service providers, the alternative platform – TOKENISATION – is available,” the spokesperson said.

“There is a need to ask Telcos, NIS, Banks, and others why customers are being turned down under the guise of NIN not being verified due to the temporary unavailability of the NVS, when the alternative platform-Tokenization-is working!!!”

“Not only is the NIMC NVS platform available for use, but Tokenization, which protects NIN holders’ identities, is also up and running!!!

“And, for the record, it is not a NIMC issue; rather, a government service provider has begun infrastructure maintenance, which has impacted most government agencies that rely on it for IT service provision.” However, the TOKENIZATION is available to us at NIMC for the verification of the NIN prior to rendering services.”

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Temporary Unavailable 

The NIMC confirmed the issue in a statement on Saturday, blaming it on ongoing maintenance.

“The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) wishes to inform the general public that its NIN verification Service (NVS) is temporarily unavailable due to network service provider maintenance,” the statement said.

“The NIMC wants to reassure the public that once the maintenance is completed, verification and authentication services will be restored.”

“The Commission regrets any inconvenience this may cause our valued customers; however, all hands are on deck to ensure a prompt restoration.”

  • NIMC Portal  Hacked ? 

“In the meantime, anyone can use the alternative Tokenization verification platform.”


‘ Lost of trust ‘

Customers’ identities can be verified by third parties using the affected NIMC portal.

Financial institutions and government agencies, in addition to telecom companies, use the service.

“The biggest implication is a loss of trust,” said Fred Agbata, a technology analyst. “Those who rely on manual processes are told that technology is the better option, but downtimes can make their lives even more miserable.”

Agbata also stated that the NVS outage should raise concerns about the system’s ability to protect the personal information of millions of Nigerians.

Last month, a hacker named Sam claimed to have discovered a bug on the NIMC server that could be exploited to gain access to the system.

NIMC refuted the hacker’s claims 

“NIMC has built a robust and credible system for Nigeria’s identity database over the years, through painstaking efforts,” a spokesperson said.

The NIN-SIM connection
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, mandated the linking of NINs and SIMs as part of efforts to create a unified national database.

The NIMC has stated that it is committed to its mandate to establish, own, operate, maintain, and manage the nation’s identity database, despite the fact that the process was hampered by long lines and massive crowds due to COVID-19 restrictions, forcing the government to serially extend the deadline for the linkage.

The NIN is expected to be linked to all other forms of identity management, including the Bank Verification Number (BVN).NIMC Portal  Hacked

# NIMC Portal  Hacked 

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